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I've been on my journey to change my health and my weight for the past three weeks now, I've hit a couple of bumps that I've worked over. I thought it was about time I checked in with you all and tell you all how I've gotten on with the plan.

The past three weeks with Slimming World have been a bit shaky and a little bit tough, I'm not gonna lie! One week I fell off the wagon, the other two have resulted in small, consistent loses which is a win.

Now my biggest downfall over the past couple of weeks is finding meals that I'm not only eating because they're good for me but because I like to eat them. Being on night shifts for the past two weeks has caused me to become pretty uninspired and to be honest pretty lazy when it comes to meal choices. My saving grace for this has been planning out my meals for the week using my Busy Bee meal planner, meal prepping and following some amazing people that have been through it on Instagram and Youtube. Honestly, my saving grace has been finding people that can make amazing Slimming World friendly meals, that are not only super healthy and extremely tasty.

I'm still finding my feet with the plan and getting to grips with which types of fruit and veggies are on plan (yes some aren't actually on plan and have to be syned!) and finding lunches that fill me up whilst being actually tasty at the same time and aren't just a salad. I think I might just end up eating homemade soup for pretty much every lunch as it's a great way of getting more veggies into my diet, it can be prepared in plenty of time so no slaving over the cooker every day and they can be syn-free so it's pretty much a winner all round. I don't think I'll ever be the type of person that can sit and enjoy a salad for lunch (I mean I'm willing for that to change but I'm not holding out much hope).

Part of Slimming World is incorporating 'Body Magic' into your daily routine. I used to love going to the gym, but since my severe asthma attack, it's been a really trying time getting back into being physically fit. Only now 4 months later, am I starting to be in a position where I can walk around at a moderate speed or go up and down stairs without getting really out of breath. I'm slowly starting to get back into fitness and can't wait to be able to complete a full workout. When I'm in work I'm often doing over 10K steps with all the running around we do, so I often finish and am too exhausted to work out. But on my days off when I often spend the majority of my time sat down either working on my blog or filming and editing videos, so I've been using long walks in this gorgeous weather (they're also super great for clearing your mind and making you feel inspired again) and housework as a way to incorporate active minutes in everyday.

Whilst my first couple of weeks have been a struggle and I may have slipped up a couple of times, I feel like everyone has slip-ups when they are changing their eating habits but it's all about how you deal with the slip-ups. I used to just think ahh I've messed today up already, it's doesn't matter I'll restart tomorrow and would carry on making bad choices. Whereas now I've learnt that if you mess up with one treat or one meal, the important thing is to draw a line under it and get back on track! I'm excited to have a found an easier way to get to my goal weight without feeling like I'm starving myself and enjoying my favourite meals with minor adaptations as well as still enjoying treats without any guilt.

Have you tried Slimming World before?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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