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Danielle Levy, Joan Collins Timeless Beauty, lipstick, eyeliner, nail varnish, beauty blogger, Liverpool beauty blogger,

I'd like to think that after doing blogging for 3 years, I have gained quite the substantial makeup collection (think half a set of Alex drawers full) and yet I'm still finding new amazing brands to try out. Recently the lovely folk at Joan Collins Timeless Beauty introduced me to some of their products and it's safe to say I'm obsessed!

Danielle Levy, Joan Collins Timeless Beauty, lipstick, eyeliner, nail varnish, beauty blogger, Liverpool beauty blogger,
Danielle Levy, Joan Collins Timeless Beauty, lipstick, eyeliner, nail varnish, beauty blogger, Liverpool beauty blogger,

'Beauty is not just for the young. I believe with a little care and attention any woman can look good through her 40's, 50's and beyond.' - Joan Collins

I think we're forever striving for timeless makeup, products and colours that will stand the test of time. Joan Collins Timeless Beauty has only been around since 2014 but it's already made its mark! It was created by one of the most glamorous women in the world and was created to be an international luxury beauty brand. Through her beauty brand, Joan Collins aims to inspire women to feel and look glamorous and to provide them with all the tools they need to feel beautiful at any age. I love that the range has been designed with women of all ages in mind, a lot of beauty brands will say that they do this however you often find that new releases, product colours and product formulas are targeted towards a younger audience.

Joan Collins strongly believed that taking care of your skin starts young and you should also look after it so all her products have been formulated with even the most sensitive skin in mind and that anything you apply to your skin should be good for it and protect it. All her products have been dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested (with even more testing on her skincare products) to ensure that it is good for your skin and will protect it! The lovely folks at Joan Collins Timeless Beauty kindly sent me along 3 of their beauty products to put to the test and see what I thought. I love that they sent me a good range of products so I can really test out the brand and see what I think, for the past couple of weeks I've been testing out the Frame Line liquid eyeliner, Divine Lips lipstick and nail lacquer

I am very much a lipstick addict, I have an entire drawer filled to the brim with bullet lipsticks and liquid lipsticks. I've found the Divine Lips lipsticks to be a really hydrating creme finish which is a major plus as I have chronically dry lips! The range is supposed to actively moisturise, softer, plump and fill in fine lines (I have the wrinkliest lips, seriously if you know you know!). I'm all about hyaluronic acid in my skincare so I love that the lipsticks have this included, I can't wait to start wearing this in autumn/winter as the added boost of hydration means I don't have to worry about chapped lips. I've got the shade Sadie which is a rosy pink with a little bit of shimmer (not gonna lie, I love wearing lipsticks with a little bit of shimmer), I feel like it'd be a universally flattering shade. After giving it a good test run, I'm really impressed with it. It is a traditional lipstick so it will move around onto cups, bottles, food/cutlery whilst eating. That being said as someone who always has a drink in my hand, I was impressed that after being put on first thing in the morning it lasted through breakfast, several cups of coffee and bottles of water and lunch before it needed a little top up. 

For me, eyeliner and nail polish are a bit of a grey area. I have hooded eyes so on the odd occasions that I do wear eyeliner, I tend to wear very thin eyeliner and have often gone for gel because I'm always worried about it smudging onto my eyelid. The Frame Line eyeliner did take a bit of adjusting to using as it's a proper brush with the eyeliner rather than a sponge type applicator. I've been loving it cause you can get either a super thin line (that I like) or a thicker line. I've noticed that this eyeliner actually holds up longer than the rest of my makeup and yes I have tested it overnight (I took off everything but my eyeliner and mascara) and it held up really well. My only complaint is that it's not waterproof so make sure you bring your brolly with you if you go out in the bad weather! 

I am really tough on my nails, I literally can't put my finger on why but normal nail polish never tends to last for more than a day or two before it starts chipping off so I often tend to go for shellac for ease. I love the shade Crystal as it the classic, rich red colour that just screams glamour and elegance to me. These nail lacquers are supposed to be chip resistant and hard wearing with a fast drying formula. I was actually surprised with how quickly these dried, I am notorious for smudging my nails because I'm not patient enough to wait for it to dry before doing something. It lasted roughly 4-5 days before it started chipping (and I had to remove it for work). The packaging is also a massive winner for me, it's all just so pretty and picture friendly! 

Have you tried anything from Joan Collins Timeless Beauty?

Speak to you next time!
*I was gifted these products for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.
Danielle Levy

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