My Ride Or Die Skincare Products

Since starting my blog I've found that I am constantly testing out new products and as soon as I run out of one product, I've got another one by a different brand to test out. That being said I've found some products that I could not live without and will instantly swap in if a product stops working for me so let's talk about my top 10 ride or die skincare favourites!

Of course, skincare is no good with a dirty face! I normally don't get on well with face washes and normally a lot of them just break me out and my skin doesn't feel properly clean after using, but I've been loving the Drops of Youth Gentle Foaming Facewash. It helps to cleanse my skin without it feeling sucked of every ounce of moisture whilst leaving it feeling super soft before I've ended applied any of my moisturisers. I love using it at the end of a long day cause I feel like it clears all the pollutions that sit on my skin when I've been out and about in Liverpool, another plus it's the only face wash that has actually helped clear up my troubled, spotty skin.

Toner is one of those skincare products that took me forever to get my head round as for years I thought that toner helped to cleanse your skin so I used to use toners that made my skin feel squeaky clean, it's actually supposed to be the first step in hydrating your skin. I've been using the British Rose Gel Toner which I'm not gonna lie, it looks a bit odd when you see it in the bottle as they have rose petals suspended in the toner but my skin feels instantly softer and my skincare seems to apply so much better on top, it also smells amazing which of course is a major plus!

Clarins has a special place in my heart as it was the brand that I held my first blogger event with (a major blogging milestone!) and it's no surprise that three of my top ten products are Clarins. The Double Serum is in my top five products, especially the new version. Not only does it make my skin feel amazing, it's got a rotating push button that allows you to choose just how much serum you want in each pump, it also has separate hydric and lipidic sections that combine together when you pump it into your hand that you then mix and apply to your skin. This next product is my princess product in my skincare drawer, it's something I don't use every day and could probably get away with not having it in my everyday skincare routine but I just love it too much! The Super Restorative Treatment Essence I believe has travelled over from Korean skincare routines and is a pre-serum treatment to give your skin extra hydration, combat ageing, and helps to prepare your skin for the rest of your skincare routine, it also smells amazing which is a major plus. My final Clarins product is the Multi-Active Day Cream, I've been using this non-stop for about a year now and it's transformed my skin. I normally suffer from dry patches, no matter what time of year it is and this has made my skin smooth and hydrated and I can actually go a day or two with putting moisturiser on (I know it sounds super lazy but it is my true test for how good a moisturiser is) and my skin looks amazing, hydrated and radiant.

I feel like I've had my fair share of spotty skin since being a teenager and there never is one thing in particular that triggered it or helped it until now, yes I am fully aware of how sad that is! My spotty skin saviour has been the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, I mostly use this of an evening (I do sometimes put it on during the day if I'm guaranteed not to see anyone!), I've noticed that my skin is 100 times better since this came into my skincare routine and my skin is actually the clearest it's been in years. This one is a complete blogger favourite as I finally see why, the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment starts off as a cream but it melts away into almost nothing as you massage it around your eye area. A small bit goes a long way so I can see this jar lasting me ages, since I've started using it I've noticed how hydrated my under eyes have been and how much better my makeup has sat there.

Of course, I couldn't write about my top skincare products and not feature face masks, so I picked out my favourite three out of my face mask drawer (yes you read that right, I have a drawer full of face masks!). About 80% of my face masks are from The Body Shop cause well they're expert face mask range is amazing! My top two are the Japanese Matcha Tea and British Rose as they help to clear my skin and rid it of pollutions whilst hydrating and plumping my skin. Both of these smell amazing, I particularly love how refreshing the Japanese Matcha Tea face mask is, it's almost like a tingly cooling sensation when you apply it and then the seeds inside give you a slight exfoliation when you wash it off. I tend to double mask with these so I'll apply the cleansing one then I'll pop on the hydrating one to plump my skin back up. 

My last one and latest edition to my skincare routine is the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque, I've recently gotten into overnight face masks to really help hydrate my skin and leave it working when my skin is repairing itself overnight. I use this mask once a week and I found it really interesting that when you apply it, you pop it on, leave it for ten minutes then blot the rest off and leave it on overnight. I've noticed that my skin looks more hydrated and healthy looking after I've used it, for me the only downside is that it doesn't smell amazing like The Body Shop masks but once you've got it on your face, you really can't even tell that it's got a scent to it!

What are your ride or die skincare products?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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