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Since I was a teenager, I've had a strange relationship with food and exercise and as a result, my weight and body shape has fluctuated so much over the past ten years. This month I made the decision that I really wasn't happy with what was going on with my body and I needed to actively take steps in the right direction to change that. So here I am with step number 1!

After my recent period of illness, that resulted in more steroids that one human should have to get my lungs under control and an appetite ranging from wanting to throw up at the slightest bit of food to an unsatisfiable hunger, my relationship with food had completely gone off the rails and I really just wanted to press the reset button on it. To reset my way of eating and start having a healthier mindset when it comes to food, I made the decision to start Slimming World.

As a nurse, part of my job involves working a whole host of hours with absolutely no set routine which as you can imagine is great for my appetite and diet. It also involves health promotion and I'm currently in the position where I just feel like a massive hypocrite giving anyone health advice when I don't really look after my own. My mum previously did Slimming World after her partner moved in and started doing the cooking which resulted in her eating giant man-sized portions, she did amazing on it and got to a position that she was happy with. 

I made the decision that I'm gonna put it out there on my blog and social media to try and help me stay accountable. To help with this I've picked up a food diary from Wee Busy Bee to encourage me to plan my meals out and help me stay on plan. As I get settled into it and progress, I will now and then share it on here and I was thinking particularly on my Youtube channel where I might start sharing what I eat in a day, recipes, and update videos. 

Have you ever tried Slimming World?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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  1. Best of luck on the start of your SW journey Danielle! I'd love to see any recipes you discover along the way :)

    Jackie O xo