Spreading Female Empowerment With Patisserie Valerie

Patisserie Valerie, Danielle Levy, Liverpool Girl Geeks, Carousel PR

So much has happened in my life so far in 2018 including getting admitted to hospital right before Mother's Day, I was so thankful to be discharged home just in time to spend some time with my mum having coffee and cake at Patisserie Valerie as a little thank you and pre-mothers day celebration including some inspiring talks from Liverpool Girl Geeks.

Patisserie Valerie, Danielle Levy, Liverpool Girl Geeks, Carousel PR
Patisserie Valerie, Danielle Levy, Liverpool Girl Geeks, Carousel PR
Patisserie Valerie, Danielle Levy, Liverpool Girl Geeks, Carousel PR
Patisserie Valerie, Danielle Levy, Liverpool Girl Geeks, Carousel PR

Whilst I was in hospital, all my favourite girls kept me entertained and it was so lovely to be able to break the cabin fever and meet up with Jackie, the gorgeous Eric and her mum. While I was walking slower than an old dog and was getting tired and out of breath by going uphill, the lovely Sarah from Carousel PR welcomed us and was very kind when we arrived slightly late (I despise being late, so this killed me). It was really nice to be able to take my mum along to an event that was all about empowering women and celebrating strong, influential women, after all she raised me and my two brothers single-handedly. She was also there for me all week whilst I was in hospital (as a critical care nurse I live with the curse of knowing a bit too much which can be terrifying in a hospital admission).

As we walked in, we passed a table lined with gorgeous cakes made in celebration of Mother's Day. There was something for everyone, chocolate for someone with a sweet tooth, strawberry and cream for those looking for something lighter and cupcakes for those that just aren't cake people. Now I don't have a massive sweet tooth and nor am I a big cake person but after a week of hospital food, I have never been more excited for a slice of Patisserie Valerie cake (one of the few I actually eat). If you've never been to Patisserie Valerie before, you are in for a nice surprise! You'll feel like you've walked straight into a 1950's French patisserie with great coffee and shelves full of beautifully designed cakes and desserts. All of their desserts are made with traditional baking methods and the freshest ingredients, it makes them such a beautiful addition to any celebration.

Once the coffee's had come and we'd spent enough time drooling over the cakes whilst catching up, we had a talk from Chelsea from Liverpool Girl Geeks. Chelsea told us all about how she started Liverpool Girl Geeks and how she continues to build a community to celebrate and inspire women in technology. It's amazing how passionate she is about the community she's created in Liverpool, it was also incredible to hear about how she is getting young women passionate about following their goals. Not only do they have free programmes for teens in Liverpool, they also have regular events that anyone can attend.

Even though I left completely exhausted (thanks asthma!), I left feeling so inspired and ready to take my little corner of the internet to the next level. I would also highly recommend nipping into Patisserie Valerie for some cake and coffee, it was a great atmosphere and the cakes were delicious! 

Are you a cake person?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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