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I am the worst person and blogger in the world for washing my makeup brushes, I always start with good intentions of getting them done regularly but when you have more than a couple of makeup brushes, it's the time and effort it takes washing them that really puts me off. So I decided to put the StylPro brush cleaner to the test and see if it really would make cleaning my makeup brushes less of dreaded task and more of something I enjoy doing!

Washing my makeup brushes normally takes about 24-36 hours and I normally have to wash my them first thing in the morning and leave them drying somewhere safe (out of the way of my inquisitive cat) and they sit out drying on a hand towel all day, overnight and sometimes even most of the next day! I picked up the StylPro from Argos for £39.99 for the cleaner itself and then I also picked up the brush cleaning solution they sell for £21.00. When you buy the StylPro you get the StylPro machine and spindle, 8 collars and a collar base, as well as the bowl and splash collar for the bowl.

I picked this up the other week and got it home super excited to start trying it out however when I first purchased it, it was missing one of the collars. So I unfortunately had to wait to test it out until I got the replacement to start cleaning all my makeup brushes so I would recommend checking you have got everything you need in the box before you leave the store (if you don't buy it online). I didn't realise until I bought it and read the instructions that you can actually use any antibacterial soap or shampoo with the cleaner and not just the brush cleaner that they sell. I actually found that the Johnson's baby shampoo that I usually used to clean my brushes works perfectly with the StylPro.

Now I'm not gonna lie I was completely amazed when I tried this how quick it cleaned and dried my makeup brushes. However, I feel like there is a bit of finesse you need to master using this. So when you use the StylPro, it can make quite a loud noise and spin very fast so you feel like you need to have a tight grip on it for safety, when in fact you only need a light grip on the bottom of the handle and then a light touch on the very top to steady it. Having a tight grip on it or holding it at the wrong point can make the brush wobble. 

Whilst I'm still getting to grip with it, I have noticed that it was so much easier cleaning smaller makeup brushes such as eye brushes. The bigger brushes I felt like they took a bit more time to clean (stating the obvious Danielle!) and you had to have the technique down as they can really make the handle wobble and pretty much take up a load of space in the bowl so I've found the up and down dipping method the best technique to properely get rid of all the makeup that builds up on the bigger brushes.

Overall I'm really impressed with it so far and hopefully I can get into a weekly routine of cleaning my makeup brushes. I'm going to test it out some more and come back to you all with a review and maybe even an in-action video for my youtube channel.

Have you tried the StylPro yet?

Speak to you next time!
danielle levy
Danielle Levy


  1. Never heard of this before! I am one of those odd people who loves cleaning their make-up brushes, I find it so therapeutic! I love seeing them come out so clean at the end of a good scrubbing session!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. Ryan bought me a brush cleaner for Valentine's Day (the old romantic) and I'm itching to try it out. Anything that makes getting them clean easier gets a thumbs up from me and I am so bad at putting time aside to sort them all out.

    Jackie O xo