My Sassoon Experience

Sassoon Liverpool, My sassoon experience, danielle levy

I'm a bit of a creature of habit when it comes to getting my hair done, I've been at the same hairdressers for 6 years since I was 16! After attending the Sassoon Men's launch in the Met Quarter and talking to some of the stylists there and just knew I had to go and get my hair done there. I also spent at least 40% of my week with my hair up in a bun at work so I didn't realise how desperately I needed to get my hair done.

Sassoon Liverpool, My sassoon experience, danielle levy
Sassoon Liverpool, My sassoon experience, danielle levy

I spend a long time at the hairdressers getting my hair done, a full head of highlights plus a haircut results in me spending pretty much most of my day at the hairdressers so I need to like and trust the stylists doing my hair. After spending the past 6 years getting my hair done at the Regis salon, I decided to make a change and go to the Sassoon Salon in the Met Quarter. I got speaking to Ronnie and Adam at the Sassoon Men launch and they were both so nice and had amazing hair! At the event, we were told that each stylist is taught to cut hair in the same way so you know your hair is being cut the Sassoon way, as well as having such an in-depth knowledge on head shape, hair texture and hair structure to give you the perfect cut for you. 

I booked in to get my hair done just before Christmas and I was so glad I did, as you can see from my before picture, my highlights definitely needed doing, my hair also looked thin and flat at the roots. After getting a bad dye job 6 months earlier, I had been slathering on hair masks and limiting the amount of heat I put on it to try and recover my hair before I could get it dyed again. Basically, I didn't want it all to break off when I got it done again! Luckily Ronnie and Adam completely understood how nervous I was and really took their time to talk to me and talk about what I was wanting to have done. After my bad hair experience last time where the stylist had about 3 other clients as well as me, it was really reassuring that Ronnie and Adam were just looking after me when they were doing my hair, there was no running from me to another client then back to me.

After my colour consultant with Ronnie (who fyi is incredible at colouring hair!), she took the time to tightly highlight my hair to try and get rid of as much of my natural dirty blonde colour. We spent so much time chatting about life, blogging, youtube, hairdressing, Sassoon whilst my highlights were setting, I have no idea what the correct term is, setting? colouring? highlighting? Ronnie also gives the best head massages when shampooing, not gonna lie one of the best bits when you spend all day with your hair up in a tight bun at work!

Then it was time for Adam to work his magic (he also has the most amazing, voluminous hair I've ever seen!), I can't remember the actual technique he used when cutting my hair but I'm sure he did different length layers to give my thin hair some volume whilst keeping some of the length. He also cut an amazing fringe back in for me which unfortunately reverted back to the side fringe I've had for 6 years that was also aided by the awful wind and rain that happened pretty much straight after my haircut!

I had such an amazing time at the Sassoon salon with Ronnie and Adam, they were both so nice and I left feeling pampered with incredible hair that I get so many compliments on! I would highly recommend Sassoon Liverpool and Ronnie & Adam, I have definitely found my new favourite salon to go to and no doubt will still be going there for the next 6 years to come!

Do you only use the same salon?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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