How Badoo Has Changed The Dating Game

Sometimes life as a critical care nurse and blogger is insanely busy so imagine trying to fit in seeing my family and friends, let alone a social life and finding a boyfriend. Trying to find a boyfriend with such a hectic life that understands blogging (not necessarily does it, but understands it!) and maybe will even offer to help me with pictures has lead me to Badoo.

Growing up and dating in 2018 doesn't just involve meeting someone at a pub, social gathering or through friends and family, in this digital age it includes dating apps and thankfully I found Badoo that allows me to safely meet and connect with people even with my busy schedule! 

Who They Are

Badoo has over 366 million users and is the largest dating app in the world. Badoo has put user safety and security at the top of its agenda. The app allows you to set filters for the type of person you are attracted to, everything from age and location to sex and whether they're online or not. Badoo works on a location basis so you set your location and decide your distance and you are all ready to start meeting new people. You can even send likes and in-app gifts to someone you like to start off the conversation. A great pre-first date feature is the video calling function, that again allows you to be 100% sure of who you're talking to and you don't have any more of trying to figure out your date is as you walk into the bar, you can walk right up to them with the confidence we all know you have!

Me Vs Online Dating

2017 has been such a busy year for me, from work to blogging and attempting to see my family has meant that my dating life has fallen to the sidelines and suffered as a result. Meeting someone outside of the NHS and my hectic (but worth it!) work schedule is difficult, it's hard to connect and chat with someone when you are just heading off to work and they are just going out or starting to relax for the night. At the end of last year, I decided that I wanted to make a change, get out there and start trying online dating. 

Since high school, I have never been a confident person when it comes to meeting new people, dating and asking people out. Yes, I am that person that had other people telling my crush that I liked them! Using Badoo has let me find men near to me, that I find attractive and have similar interests, it's also given me the confidence to make the first move because I'm not face to face with the person and I potentially never have to see them again, so no harm, no foul if it doesn't work out. I also love that it tells you what people work as (a good conversation starter if you ever get stuck talking to people online, like me!), for me a big plus is someone that has a decent job, I have spent a fair amount of my dating life with people that switching from job to job and I, unfortunately, have had to foot the bill. 

Growing up watching Catfish and putting myself on the interest has made me a little wary and scared of meeting someone online as I know that sometimes people aren't always who they say they are. I know, I know we've moved on in leaps and bounds in meeting people online since the days of Catfish but trying to date online with anxiety, my mind always comes back to the idea that I'm actually speaking to someone completely different. My anxious mind has been put to ease using Badoo as not only can I chat with men near me with similar interests, but we've been able to send each other pictures and video chat (totally bringing back MSN vibes!) without having to pass out numbers.

I've had such a fun time using Badoo and it has completely transformed my dating game and has allowed me to have confidence in online dating again (one too many fakes or people looking for quick hookups away from their partners!). Here's fingers crossed that Badoo can find me Mr Right whilst I'm killing it at work. 

Have you used Badoo yet?

Speak to you next time!
*This post is a sponsored collaboration with Badoo.
All thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and my own.
Danielle Levy

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