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I cannot believe that it's 2018 already, whilst I have spent 80% of the festive season in work I've had such a fun time with my work family and my actual family. Now that all the Christmas shopping is complete, the Christmas dinner has been eaten and we've all had our fair share of Christmas TV and chocolates, it's time to start thinking about 2018 and my goals for it.

Be Healthy
This one was one from last year but I really need to start making a real effort this year, this year I epically failed due to night shifts heavily influencing my food choices. I also think last year I tried to completely overhaul my diet and be really clean which not gonna lie, I don't really have the best diet to begin with so I think that was doomed to begin with! This year I just want to make healthier choices, e.g. get a bottle of water instead of a diet coke, make the effort to start working out more, start taking care of my mental health, choose healthier snacks.

Work Out More
This really ties in with the last one but I really want to start working out more, I have a bit of an addictive personality so when I got into working out at the beginning of last year, I very quickly got addicted to going to the gym regularly. This one will really help with my goal of wanting to be healthier in 2018 and will make me feel and look a lot better.

Learn To Stay On Task
This is a big one for me and is going to take some serious time and effort to complete, but I am awful with starting a task or a piece of work, getting distracted and half finishing a task, e.g. thinking I need to edit pictures for the next blog post I'm doing and will get distracted edited pictures or I'll get distracted watching TV or youtube videos. 

Start Saving
I said this last year but I want to start building my savings in preparation for moving out, I also want to save up for a new vlogging camera (better quality coming your way). I was really bad with putting money into my savings account but putting it back into my current account at the drop of a hat because I had access to it, this year I'm using the Squirrel app to help me budget because it does exactly what I want a budget app to do and splits my wages into bills and savings as well as splitting the remaining into weekly payments to make sure I have money all month long.

Drink More Water
This is another one to help me be healthier but I really struggle with drinking water, particularly when I'm off work. So in order to drink more water, I've picked myself up a Brita water filter because I am that pain in the arse that prefers chilled filtered water to the water that comes right out of your tap. I'm aiming to drink at least 2L of water a day, I'm using the My Water app and Hydrate M8 water bottle to help me this year. 

Get A Better Sleep Routine 
My sleep patterns have been awful this year, my B12 levels have been a major player in this and I have majorly struggled with it this year, but I want to start getting into a better routine. My aim is to start going bed earlier and I'm aiming to go to bed for 10pm, it's gonna take me a little while to get used to going to sleep and getting up earlier. I really wanna nail this one as I used to be such an early riser and I'm such a productive little bean in the mornings.

Take Better Care Of Me
I spend all day caring for other people at work but I actually don't take much time to look after myself. When I'm not at my job of being a critical care nurse, I'm at my job of being a blogger and I don't really know when to switch off from either so this year I want to learn to switch off and take care of me. This year I've decided to dedicate days of the week to nursing, blogging and me time. I've decided that because I work 3-4 days a week as a nurse, I'm going to spend two days a week sorting everything blogging/youtube and then the remaining 1-2 days a week will be me time where I relax, read, have bubble baths, see friends etc. 

What are your 2018 goals?

Speak to you next time!

Danielle Levy

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  1. Happy belated new year haha! I hope you manage to achieve all of these this year - I'd love to start saving and working on getting healthier x