25 Things I Learnt By 25

I can't believe that I'm actually 25! I feel like I'm still stuck at 22 mentally, I may or may not have forgotten my age at times over the past year and told some of my patients that I'm 22/23. To celebrate hitting 25 (or as I said to Samm the other week I'm hitting my mid-mid-life crisis), I thought I would talk about 25 of things I have learnt in the past 25 years.

  1. You won't be everyone's cup of tea. Not everyone will like you and it will waste your valuable time trying to get everyone to like you, just be you!
  2. Be around people that build you up. I have spent time being friends with people who I liked and supported but who knocked me back down to make them feel and look better. It's not worth your time or mental health.
  3. Work hard for the things you love. The things that you truly love and want will require hard work and effort. Make sure to put that effort in!
  4. Trust your own gut. This is one I've taken from being a nurse, but it also applies to real life. Always, always, always trust your gut! Your body has its way of telling you there is something not right for a reason, it's important that you trust it.
  5. There's not one set way to do things. Not everyone follows the same path to get to the end result, don't dwell on the fact that you aren't doing things the same way as everyone else.
  6. Make to-do lists. I have spent afternoons, even days wasting time because I haven't made a to-do list and actually followed it. It's so easy to get stuck in a Netflix/Youtube wormhole but it's important to schedule yourself some me-time in with all your tasks as a reward.
  7. Stop apologising so often. It's important to recognise what you should and shouldn't be apologising for. I was so desperate when I was younger to be accepted by everyone that I would apologise for everything, even stuff that wasn't my fault. I've now learnt the difference and who and what I should be apologising for.
  8. Use your skincare religiously. I never used to use my skincare properly when I was younger and my skin has ultimately paid the price for it. Take the time to look after your skin now!
  9. Believe in yourself. It's never too late to start believing in yourself, I am a big believer that the mind is way stronger than the body and that you can achieve anything once you set your mind to it. Cheesy I know, but I believe it and it works for me.
  10. Make the effort with the people you love. The people you love aren't always going to be around so you need to make time in your day to show them that you love them. It doesn't have to be massive acts of affection, the smaller things mean the most, especially to me!
  11. Spending less time obsessing over food. I really wish that I could go back and tell this to my younger self, I have spent some much of my time over the past couple of years obsessing over what food I was eating to the point that is was unhealthy. 
  12. A good haircut is 100% worth the price. I have learnt this the very hard way and I forever stand by the thought that good haircuts are completely worth the money.
  13. It's ok to have PJs and Netflix days. You are allowed to be human and that includes having days off where you stay in your PJs and watch Netflix all day (as long as it isn't all day every day), it doesn't make you any less productive. In fact, I think it helps with productivity to have a down day every now and then!
  14. Say yes to more things. I have spent a lot of time saying no to things as I grew up due to fear, worry, being alone, looking like an idiot, I wish I'd spent more time when I was younger saying yes to things. Think of all of the opportunities you would have if you said yes to more things!
  15. Be kind to yourself. We are our own harshest critics, you don't have to be perfect all the time and you need to remember that you don't have to be horrible to yourself because you are not doing exactly what you plan out.
  16. Embrace change. Nothing stays the same forever (well it could but it would be ridiculously boring), things are going to change and it's important to go with the change, it often brings along the best things!
  17. Learn to save. This is something I wish I learnt years and years ago, I've always struggled with saving money and I wish it was something that they taught in school in life lessons.
  18. You don't have to have your life completely figured out at 18. It's not vital that you know exactly what you want to do for the rest of your life at 18, the world isn't gonna end and you might actually find that what you thought you wanted for the rest of the life at 18, you don't want when you are 25. 
  19. Social media is the highlights of someone's life. What someone posts on social media are the highlight reel of their life and they pick exactly what they want you to see. You shouldn't compare yourself and your life to someone else's highlight reel. 
  20. You can be an adult and not like alcohol. Not everyone is programmed to like alcohol and you don't have to force yourself to like alcohol to fit in. I'm 25 and pretty much teetotal for 98% of the year (alcohol-free for anyone that doesn't know) and I love it. I have more money, no hangovers and I can still go out and enjoy myself!
  21. You can't please everyone. I have learnt this the hard way and have killed myself trying to do it, but you will not be able to please everybody. Be unapologetically yourself and people will love you for it!
  22. Everyone has 24 hours in a day. You have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce, use them as you will.
  23. Be kind to everyone. As I grew up I was taught that you should treat everyone the same, from the person that cleans the floor to the CEO of your company, you should treat them the same and be as kind to one as you would the other!
  24. Be careful who you trust. Once someone breaks your trust, it can be devastating and you can never build that trust back up. As someone once told me you can be friends with snakes but you don't have to trust them!
  25. Look forward to tomorrow. Always, always, always look forward to what is going to happen. If it's been a bad day, tomorrow will always be a better day. If it's been a good day, you will continue to smash it tomorrow.

What have you learnt in all your years?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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  1. I totally agree with a lot of these, especially 'look forward to tomorrow'. My motto is 'there's always something to look forward to', and having that gratitude and optimism for another new day can only be a good thing xx