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christmas gift guide amazon echo dot fitbit wireless speakers

I always find buying for men the most difficult part of Christmas in terms of present buying, I think it's mainly down to most of my friends (that swap presents) being female. So I thought for blogmas today's I thought I would show you all some great gifts for him for Christmas this year!

christmas gift guide amazon echo dot fitbit wireless speakers

Amazon Echo Dot
I am yet to meet a man that has not been amazed by the Amazon Echo Dot and haven't spent hours just playing with it! Now you don't have to get the Dot, you can get a variety of different styles in different sizes. I particularly love the style of the Dot because it's so miniature you can literally fit it anywhere. Not only can you play music throughout your home, you can control smart home devices, order your shopping, read the news, ask Alexa questions, set alarms as well as being able to drop-in and talk to your friends that have Echo's themselves. Perfect for any guy's man cave!

Like I mentioned in my last gift guide, everyone always make goals around this time of year to be more active, get fit and even loose weight so the Fitbit is perfect for everyone. Fitbit have such a variety of designs of their fitness trackers that you can find the perfect one for the man in your life. For me, I find the Blaze fitness tracker is perfect for men due to the design.

Wireless Speakers
My younger brother never fails to bring his wireless speaker with him everywhere, whilst I'm not a massive fan of them and I don't have many girl friends that use them, pretty much all of my male friends and relatives use one. Wireless speakers are perfect for those addicted to tech men in your life, I love the look of this Bose Soundlink Speaker. Not only does it give you 360 sound, it's also water-resistant and has 12 hours of battery life making it the perfect Christmas gift guide for someone tech-savvy or addicted to music.

Xbox Memberships/Games
Now this one is always an easy Christmas gift as I always know someone that is gaming obsessed and buying an Xbox Live Membership or the latest Xbox game is sure to be an instant win! It's become a bit of a routine for me to get my younger brother is Xbox live membership, he literally doesn't ask for anything else. Perfect for any gamers in your life!

I don't know why but any men I know always wait for someone to buy them a wallet, they never seem to go get one for themselves. Literally my younger brother's wallet is hanging together by a thread but he won't go and pick himself one up. I love this men's billfold wallet from Aspinal, all of the wallet's from Aspinal are incredible quality and guaranteed to last more than a year even with all the wear and tear. You can even get the Aspinal wallets embossed to make that present even more special!

What are you buying the man in your life this year?

Speak to you next time!
*This post contains some PR samples.
Danielle Levy

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