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Now I am a self-confessed candle addict and yes I do burn autumnal and Christmasy scented candles all year round because really who wouldn’t, they smell incredible! I thought I would share with you all some of my favourite candles at the moment so you can have your home smelling as incredible as mine does right now. 

christmas candle, yankee candles, wickford & co, candles

Christmas Eve
The Christmas Eve candle from Yankee Candle is by far one I look forward to every year. The smell just reminds me so much of Christmas! I always use to save it for Christmas Eve but these candles take so long to burn through that I've had to start burning it on December 1st and still have enough that it's going well into the new year. What I love about Yankee Candle is that when you love a scent you can get in so many forms, from the big jars to small tea lights, even down to the car air fresheners.

Winter Spruce & Berries
I recently got this candle from Baylis & Harding and I'm already obsessed. I am all about real Christmas trees at Christmas and the smell of this really helps to ignite my love for real Christmas trees. Now it doesn't smell like a straight Christmas tree in a jar, the berries in the candle really help open up the scent to everyone and give it a sweeter smell. One of my favourite things about this candle has got to be the jar, it comes in a forest green jar that is covered in a white forest scene but it also has a mini Christmas tree on top of the lid!

Cosy Up  
I picked this one up whilst food shopping in Asda (if you don't already know, Asda is the perfect spot to pick up Yankee Candles and for slightly cheaper too!), I've burnt this since the end of October and it's still going! I can't put my finger on what the scent is but it's a sweeter candle and every time I smell it I instantly think of spending time wrapped up in a blanket with the fire going and my favourite film on the telly! I can't find this one on the Yankee Candle website anywhere so I think it's an Asda exclusive and definitely worth picking up this winter.

Christmas Cookie
Like Christmas eve, I get this candle every year from Yankee Candle and wouldn't have it any other way! Granted this is a very sickly sweet smelling candle so it's not for everyone and even though I love it, I can only burn this for small periods at a time because the scent can get very overwhelming in small areas but I still find it such a lovely scent to have burning at Christmas as it reminds me of all the baking that tends to happen around this time of year.

Warm Apple & Cinnamon
This candle is my bargain of the bunch, I picked this huge candle up from Home Bargains for less than a fiver. They always have these big jar candles in every year that rival Yankee Candle, whilst it might not be a sudden hit of scent, they are a slow builder when burnt. They are perfect if you want a candle that you can have burning all day or if you aren't a huge fan of heavily scented candles as they just lightly scent your houses as long as you're burning them!

What's your favourite candle to burn at Christmas?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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  1. I already love Christmas Eve candle, so now I'll have to check out Cosy Up! I'm imagining a warm, sweet scent that isn't too overpowering. I'm not a fan of spicy scents so the fresh, fruity Spruce & Berries sounds perfect. The jar makes it look so posh, perfect for gifting!