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christmas night in essentials, blogmas, danielle levy, terrys chocolate orange, ELF, love actually, santa mug

I've pretty much turned into a homebod, I would much rather stay in with a movie than go out drinking especially in this super cold weather we've been having in Liverpool. This girl is ALWAYS cold so going out of an evening at this time of year is my idea of torture! So for today's blogmas, I thought I would talk all about my essentials for a Christmas night in.

christmas night in essentials, blogmas, danielle levy, terrys chocolate orange, ELF, love actually, santa mug

Christmas Tree
You really can't beat spending the evening in front of your Christmas tree, nothing makes me feel more festive than to be cuddled up under a mountain of blankets watching tv with the Christmas tree lights on! Granted we've had to go buy a new Christmas tree this week cause my dog decided to try and eat the snow off our last one.

Christmas Movies
I love movies at this time of year to really get me in the festive spirit, I mentioned quite a few of my favourite Christmas movies in day 3 of blogmas. I feel like so far this month, I've been watching ELF and Love Actually on repeat. I always feel like movies help bring my family together as we make a point of spending time together at the end of a work day and watching movies together, we all have hectic schedules so it's nice to spend some time together.

Hot Chocolate
Nothing beats hot chocolate with loads of whipped cream and marshmallows in my HUGE Santa mug! I love making flavoured hot chocolates, my favourites this year has been chocolate orange hot chocolate and candy cane peppermint hot chocolate.

Cosy Pjs
I am all about that PJ life! I am definitely that person that comes in and is straight into my pjs, I also find it so hard to get changed out of my pjs on a cold morning, anyone else with me on that one?! I have been living for these cosy Christmas leggings from Primark the past couple of weeks (they do the BEST Christmas pjs and cosy clothes!).

Festive Sweets
Now it's just rude to have a cosy night in and not have some great festive snacks, particularly the sweets, there are always the best sweets in the shops at this time of year so a girl has got to take advantage, right?! Really no Christmas night in is complete without a Terry's Chocolate Orange!

Fairy Lights
Fairy lights always make anything instantly cosy, I feel like the past year my love for fairy lights have grown and I feel like I now have a million and one packs of fairy lights but my room looks all the more better for it! It instantly makes any night cosier to have a Christmas movie on with just fairy lights and the Christmas tree lights on! 

Face Masks & Bath Bombs
This is absolute night in essential for me, you can't have a cosy night in by yourself or with the girls without face masks and bubble baths! My favourite place for face masks is a tie between the expert face masks from The Body Shop and the fresh face masks from Lush. Of course, my favourite place for festive bath bombs is without a doubt Lush as their festive ones are just incredible and leave me feeling amazing. My all time favourite is So White bath bomb which they unfortunately didn't bring back in store this year!

What are your Christmas night in essentials?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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