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Considering how Christmasy I get around this time of year, I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't been to the Christmas markets in Liverpool for about 2 years. So I really made a point of going this year with Sam and I was actually really disappointed with it!

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liverpool christmas markets

So last time I went to the Christmas markets in Liverpool was when they were going through the middle of town, right up Church Street and every time I went I absolutely loved it. I also loved it being on Church Street because then whenever I was getting some Christmas shopping done in town, I was right by them and I didn't have to go out of my way to go to the markets.

This year they've spilt the Christmas markets up and dotted them around town. St George's hall have got some of the food, drink and gift stalls but I personally found it quite empty. Sam and I went at about 5.30pm and about half of the Christmas stalls were already closed, really the only ones that were open were the food stalls which was pretty disappointing and I left not feeling Christmasy at all!! Last time I went there were amazing hot chocolate and crepe stalls, there really is nothing better than wandering around the Christmas market with a festive hot chocolate. 

There is also the Ice Festival down by the waterfront, this year they have got a huge ice slide, ice rink, Ferris wheel, ice bar, Santa's grotto as well as some market stalls. I didn't get a chance to take a trip down to when I visited the Christmas markets as I had to dash to a Dior event in Liverpool One (that blog post will be coming very soon!). From pictures I've seen, it actually looks incredible and I'm currently trying to plan a trip with my mother to go and check out the Ice Festival. I really want to go late afternoon as the darkness help make it feel festive and it's not as chocka cause everyone hasn't finished work yet!

I have spotted people's pictures of the Chester and Manchester and I really want to take a trip to the Chester one (the closest one to me that look super festive!), hopefully, I can fit it in around work and family events!

What's your favourite part of the Christmas markets?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy


  1. I always aim to try out the liverpool markets but never make it
    , it looks so pretty

  2. I definitely agree. The Liverpool Markets have nothing on the Manchester ones! Although I do wish I'd gotten some of the perogies!

  3. I love our Christmas Markets! I love that they've moved it off the high street finally too! Manchester markets are great but so wide spread! I'd have never thought of Chester though!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland