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dior, dior liverpool, precious metals collection, danielle levy

Christmas is a time of glitz and glamour, all the shimmer and sparkles come out and people seem to put so much more into their makeup. I do love wearing a bit of shimmer on my eyes and nails at any time of year but I love December as so many amazing brands bring out truly stunning collections especially for Christmas and New Year. I invited to check out the new Precious Rocks collection from Dior and I have completely fallen for it!

dior, dior liverpool, precious metals collection, danielle levy
dior, dior liverpool, precious metals collection, danielle levy
dior, dior liverpool, precious metals collection, danielle levy

This year Dior has released the beautiful Precious Rocks collection that includes an incredible gift selection as well as a range of makeup. Their idea behind this collection is that their makeup is as precious as a gemstone, it's opulent, shimmery and full of gemstone shades (get it?!). It's their homage to unfretted rock spirit that's confidently precious.

The makeup in the collection is full of golds, berry tones and shimmer. I am in love with the bauble style lipsnails and eyeliners. Whilst the rest of the collection is just beautiful, the bauble style makeup is my winner for the entire collection, they look incredible especially at this time of year and they would also look so beautiful sat out on your dresser. Even though I rarely wear nail polish throughout the year, I've got my eyes on the shades, Emerald and Ruby, as they're beautiful jewel tones and so shimmery.

The gift that caught my eye is the Refillable Jewel Lipstick collection, you get 6 lipsticks in a beautiful Dior clutch (you can even get a chain added to this to make it into a clutch for going out!). Whilst you save £45 when you buy this gift as opposed to buying the lipsticks separately, all six don't come in the full lipstick casing, the idea is that you have one lipstick case and you then put the different bullets in to take with you. I'd love it for Christmas but I have a tendency to temporarily misplace my lip products so if I misplaced the bottom section of the bullet I would be buggered!

What's your favourite beauty collection this Christmas?

Speak to you next time!
*I was invited to the Precious Rocks blogger event. 
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