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Everyone has their own Christmas Eve traditions, things they do every year without fail. I am a big Christmas person and love it every year, I love having Christmas Eve off and being able to spend time with my family. This year I won't get to do my Christmas Eve traditions on the 24th as I'm working a night shift that night (oh the life of a nurse), so for the last proper blog post in blogmas, I thought I'd tell you all about what I normally do on Christmas Eve.

On Christmas Eve my entire day is spent relaxing, spending time with my family and pampering myself before the big day! The first part of Christmas Eve is spent with my mum making sure we've got everything we need for Christmas day so that often means running out to the shops to make sure we've got enough veg, fruit, dog and cat food. We also pick up bits for Christmas breakfast as my mum, her partner and my brother all like a fried breakfast whereas I prefer pastries and coffee so we go and get it first. After we've got everything we need then we come home and pretty much don't go out until Boxing day. Whilst we all spend time in the house around Christmas, we take some time for ourselves and do what we want to do in the afternoon. I often spend the afternoon baking some goodies for over Christmas, this year I made some of my chocolate bark as well as some Christmas tree brownies.

It's then time for me to spend the rest of the evening relaxing and pampering myself, my Christmas Eve pamper routine is very similar to the pamper routine I wrote about in blogmas. It's always been my tradition to get in a bubble bath early then spend the rest of my evening in cosy Christmas PJs (yes I still get a new pair of Christmas PJs every year), every year without fail I use my Christmas Eve bubble bar from Lush and this year I've mixed in Shoot For The Stars bath bomb for a gorgeous relaxing bath. It's also been our family tradition to get a takeaway on Christmas Eve for the past couple of years as we all do so much cooking around Christmas (we all get involved with the cooking), none of us can be bothered with cooking or washing dishes on Christmas Eve, anyone else like that?!

The rest of my evening is then spent watching a ton of movies with the family before I get an early night and by that, I mean that I come to bed and then put another Christmas movie on and watch that until I fall asleep.

What are your Christmas Eve traditions?

Speak to you next time!

Danielle Levy

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