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I live for Lush at Christmas, their limited edition Christmas products always make me feel festive and excited for the season! After one of their blogger events I decided to pick up a couple (well quite a few!) Christmas products and I thought I'd share what I picked up with you all for today's blogmas post.

Now I am known to go quite ham for Lush when it comes to buying products (particularly after their events), so after one of their latest blogger events, I noticed that they have pretty much the entire Christmas range in and I knew I had to pick it up whilst I was there. I know this is gonna seem like a pretty huge haul but I actually haven't bought anything from lush all season except for this, mainly cause I don't like how busy and hectic the store gets the closer it gets to Christmas!

This one is the year-round scent Butterball repackaged into the cutest teddybear shape and I love the normal butterball, particularly at this time of year as it's full to the brim with cocoa butter and it also has a gorgeous vanilla scent. I love this one for adding in with fun bubble bars or as a moisturising boost in with other bath bombs for when my skin gets dry in all this cold weather.

Christmas Sweater
This one won me on looks alone, it looks like a Christmas sweater in a bath bomb (duh!). It's got ginger, clove and coriander inside, it's so warming and reminds me of having a glass of spiced/mulled wine. It also turns your bath a really fun festive orange colour, what more of an excuse do you need to buy it?

Luxury Lush Pud
I have been getting this bath bomb every year for years and I'm talking way back when it actually used to look like a Christmas pudding. However, recently Lush have gone for a more colourful version which looks incredible in your bath. It's got lavender, tonka and ylang ylang, I find it so relaxing to use. I actually can't use this one in the morning/middle of the day cause I find this one makes me want to go straight to sleep after using it!

Snow Fairy
Of course, I couldn't do a Christmas Lush haul without getting a Snow Fairy shower gel, this stuff is iconic at this time of year. It's pink, sickly sweet and has iridescent glitter inside and everyone loves it, need I say more?!

Shoot For The Stars
This one is a bath bomb and bath melt in one. Not only is it a gorgeous deep blue with gold bath melt stars inside. The smell is incredible, it's so warming and comforting. I also love that after using it my skin is soo soft!

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve bubble bar is another one that I have purchased for years and years and have seen all the different ways they have made it. Every year it's my tradition to have a bubble bath with this (sometimes it doesn't always happen on Christmas eve, especially not this year as I'm working Christmas eve night), but this bubble bar is chocked full of ylang ylang and jasmine, this along with Luxury Lush Pud is the perfect sending you off to sleep!

Golden Wonder
This one just makes me so happy whenever I use it, it's literally a present shaped bath bomb with a blue centre and gold glitter, what more does a girl need?! I love using this one in any morning baths cause it smells so uplifting with sweet orange inside.

This is a brand new bath bomb for 2017, it's designed to completely relax you and I for one am in love with the smell. It's a sweet peppermint and cocoa absolute scented bath bomb and their idea behind the bath bomb is that you use it when stressed or worried and you relax in the eye of the storm until it all blows over and the waters settle, then your outlook with the clear and breezy. Personally, I just love how good it smells!

Plum Snow
I'd never seen this bubble bar before this year, but I am in love. It's actually pretty big for a bubble bar and is plum and mandarin scented, creating loads of gorgeous purple scented bubbles that give you a bath to die for. I'm currently loving cocktailing this bubble bar with the Butterbear bath bomb for an incredibly luxurious bath.

What's your favourite Christmas Lush item?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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  1. The butterbear and snowfairy are my absolute favourites! I absolutely love the sound of the thundersnow bath bomb it's definitely what I need right now!