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Manfrotto masterclass flat lays manfrotto tripod

If you've watched any of my vlogs, you might have seen me mention how obsessed I am with my Manfrotto mini tripod, it is the perfect tripod for my vlogging camera as I have the worst case of shaky hands. So I was over the moon when I got an invite to attend their latest masterclass in Manchester and of course, I took Sam along with me!

Manfrotto masterclass flat lays
Manfrotto masterclass Alice Red
Manfrotto masterclass manfrotto tripod flat lays
Manfrotto masterclass Eddie MacDonald food photography
Manfrotto masterclass Eddie MacDonald food photography
Manfrotto masterclass Nicole Gomes fashion photography

With such a jam-packed day and it being only the second time I've been to Manchester, I was so glad that Sam came along with me! Luckily the Manfrotto masterclass was at the same venue as the Debenhams event which made it 100% easier for me. The event was held at the Great John Street hotel which looks incredible inside (perfect for a photography masterclass), they even had a wedding reception that very afternoon.

Whilst the rooms were full of flat lays, tripods and camera accessories for us to take pictures and play with till our heart's content. They also had several workshops for us to attend for food, fashion and lifestyle photography. After we'd all had something to eat and a glass of prosecco, the lovely people from Manfrotto talked us through their latest innovative tripod launch (the perfect tripod for getting that flat lay or birds eye shot) as well as their new camera bags ranges, perfect for people that don't want a super obvious camera bag and more of a backpack/messenger bag style bag. After we'd been talked through all of the different tripods they have (I also fell in love with their aluminium travel tripod and may be upgrading my current one very soon!) and believe me they have a lot of tripods for absolutely everything you could need a tripod for, they had arranged two workshops with some amazing food and fashion photographers. 

First up was tips and tricks for food photography with Eddie MacDonald. He showed us his top tips for photographing food and cocktails as well as using a light tent to photograph a single object like a perfume bottle. I was amazed when he told us that he doesn't really use reflectors, his best tool is Paperchase! He showed us the way you can use bits of card that you can find in Paperchase to perfect your lighting and how important it is getting your lighting right when taking your picture instead of trying to edit it how you want it after. After his talk, I was actually so excited to get home, start taking pictures and put all his tips to good use.

In the lead up to the event, I was the most excited about the fashion and lifestyle photography talk from Nicole Gomes. If you haven't seen me talking about it before, I am awful at posing for any fashion photos, mainly cause I don't know the best way to pose whilst making me and the outfit look good. Nicole talked us through how she photographs models for fashion photography and the way she directs models, lights and shoots them. Her talk was really interesting but I would have liked to have smaller group sessions that would have helped me with getting my poses and angles for fashion photos right as that's what I struggle with the most.

And the lovely people over at Manfrotto didn't forget about everyone that follows my blog. You can get 20% any purchase until the 3rd December 2017 using the code 'Follower20'.

Speak to you next time!
*I was invited along to the Manfrotto masterclass.

Danielle Levy

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  1. Sounds like you had a fab afternoon! I would love to attend a photography masterclass, there's nothing that makes you feel more inspired than just being surrounded with tips, tricks and industry professionals!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland