REN Perfect Canvas Primer Serum Review

REN perfect canvas silcone free primer serum

I've never gotten along with foundation primers as it's always made my skin feel horrible and it always seemed to make my foundation go patchy throughout the day, but since I tried out the Pixi primer it's opened up my eyes to different foundation primers. So when REN's latest release promised me the perfect canvas, I was so excited to give it the road test on my problematic skin!

REN perfect canvas silcone free primer serum

REN is a skincare brand that I've never really found myself gravitating towards (that has completely changed since trying this primer serum out!). They use 100% plant and mineral actives to give you skin-friendly products without any nasty synthetic ingredients so what more of an excuse do I need to try their products?!

As with any skincare product, I like to give them a good test run for a couple of weeks to a month so that I can really put the products to the test. I don't know whether you class this as a skincare serum or a foundation primer or both but REN market it as their skin finishing serum and over the past couple of weeks, I have truly fallen in love with this addition to my makeup routine. REN claim that the Perfect Canvas serum helps to lifts and tightens your skin whilst boosting your skin's immune system to help reduce breakouts.

As you know I work 13.5 hour shifts including some very long, trying night shifts, so I decided night shifts were the perfect place to give it a test run. When I first applied this, I caught sight of myself later that evening in a bathroom mirror at work and was amazed at how amazing and flawless my makeup looked. I normally get wear and tear around my under eyes, nose and jawline from where I've touched my face throughout my shift, I had absolutely none of this! I also noticed that my skin looked so smooth and I wasn't getting as many breakouts as I normally do. 

The product itself comes in a glass bottle with a dropper which allows you to put a couple of drops onto your fingertips before gently massaging into freshly moisturised skin until fully absorbed. As I mentioned in my Pixi primer review, I have a massive aversion to silicone primers due to the texture of my skin afterwards and how badly they react with my skin and foundations so I am in love with the fact that the REN serum primer is completely silicone free, it literally just feels like you've applied a serum. It also blends so effortlessly into your skin, although it is really strange putting a serum on after your moisturiser!

I am truly in love with this primer, it is genuinely giving me my perfect canvas and I couldn't be happier with how my skin looks! Not only does it make my skin look incredible, it also makes it feel incredible. 

Have you tried REN skincare?

Speak to you next time!
*I was sent this product to review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and my own.
Danielle Levy


  1. Ooh I haven't tried Ren but after this I might give it a go! Amazing review my lovely!

  2. Ren have some real gems of products in their collection! I've not tried the primer but it sounds ideal! Glad you've found one you love, such a good feeling isn't it?

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland