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I've been on a bit of beauty kick lately with all the different makeup and skincare products I've been testing out. To top off a beauty filled month, I got the chance to attend an amazing, exclusive event with Instant Beauty Fix at the Clubhouse L1 a couple of weeks ago with amazing Liverpool bloggers.

I got the amazing opportunity to attend the exclusive Instant Beauty Fix blogger event in the Clubhouse L1 recently. It was such an exclusive event that only 4 Liverpool bloggers (including little old me) were invited, I was excited to find out who were the other 3 bloggers that had been invited and I was so happy when I arrived and found Jess, Alex and Antonia waiting at the Clubhouse.

The lovely people at Instant Beauty Fix had organised for us to be hosted in the private dining room at the Clubhouse which was incredible. The private dining room is secluded enough that you can have your own private dining experience with you and friends whilst not missing out on the environment of the main dining areas through the open frame doors. The atmosphere makes you feel like you are having your own dinner party at home except you haven't got to cook or wash the dishes! 

For their first blogger event, they went above and beyond for us! Not only had they organised prosecco and cocktails for us throughout the night, the sweetest touch was that they organised personalised cupcakes with our blog logo's on from the lovely people at Intercake. We were all completely blown over seeing how much effort they went to to have our blog logo's printed on a cupcake! After we'd all had a glass of prosecco and a chance to calm down after being so excited, we got down to talking about the brand and all the amazing products they have.

Instant Beauty Fix has been around since 2003 and is the perfect marketplace for bringing beauty essentials from all around the world to the UK. Their website is full to the brim of wonderful, unique cosmetics, skincare and beauty devices from brands that you may never have heard of before. I feel like it's the ASOS for beauty items you never knew you needed! 

Out of all the products we talked about on the evening, I have a couple that I am so excited to put to the test. First up is the PonyDry hair sleeve which helps you to wash your roots only whilst keeping your ponytail dry. As a sufferer of fine hair, I feel like I need to wash every other day (especially now that my highlights have grown out a bit and my dirty blonde has come through!), this could be my saviour as it's normally my roots that need washing to rather than the ends of my hair which can get quite dry. Next up is the Morning Glamour satin pillowcase, you have probably heard everywhere by now how much better it is to sleep with a satin pillowcase. Not only does it help prevent wrinkles long-term, whilst helping reduce hair loss and breakage. It also helps your face and hair maintain moisture as it doesn't soak up your moisturiser whilst you sleep.

I had an incredible time at the event, it was planned perfectly with amazing touches. I am excited to give all the products a good test run and I'm sure they will all be featured in several posts as some of them are products you wish you had, but you didn't know existed!

What's your beauty essential?

Speak to you next time!
*I was invited to the Instant Beauty Fix event.
All thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and my own.
Danielle Levy

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  1. Sounds like such a great event! I love The Clubhouse and who can say no to a cupcake with your blog logo on? Thats such a sweet, personal touch! I'm all for these smaller more intimate events!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland