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It's time for a new lipstick launch from Giorgio Armani and as you are all well aware, I have become quite obsessed with Giorgio Armani beauty! A couple of weeks back, Kate emailed me to let me know that the new Ecstasy Shine lipsticks would be launching and she would be hosting one of her incredible, intimate blogger events. As usual I was excited to pop along and check out the new launch.

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Kiehl's 1st birthday, Kiehl's Chester 1st birthday
giorgio armani beauty skin makeover
giorgio armani beauty skin makeover

Giorgio Armani have had an incredible year of launches this year with everything from skincare to beauty and they (with the help of Kate) have made me obsessed with the brand and the products. As usual Kate is famous for incredible, intimate blogger events in Chester and the new Ecstasy Shine event was no different.

The Ecstasy Shine lipsticks are the perfect combination between a lipstick and a lip balm. Whilst I initially thought that these would have been better launched in the summer, I now feel like October is the perfect time to launch them as the I don't know about you but I constantly struggle with dry lips throughout the entire of autumn (seriously I should buy shares in the LUSH lip scrub!). This latest launch is a combination of the colour of a lipstick, the moisture of a lip balm and the shine of a lip gloss, it's the perfect mixture. Each lipstick is chocked full of oils and light reflecting properties, all of which help to give your lips a plumper, fuller look. It also comes in 18 shades, so when you fall in love with the formula you can shop till your hearts content!

Whilst we were there, Kate encouraged us to start playing with different products and find our new favourite ways of using products in different ways, put your highlighter under your foundation for glowing skin or blend out your liquid lipstick on your cheeks for a new blush colour. At this point I couldn't stop swatching all the colours as I'd fallen in love with the lipsticks.

On the night I ended up swatching pretty much all the colours on my arm and pretty much fell in love with the formula. I must admit that when you swatch them, the colours do come out more sheer than when you apply them straight onto your lips from the bullet. I ended up taking home the shade 504 which is the perfect everyday deep pink for me. The lipstick applies beautifully without the need for lip liner, it also leaves my lips so moisturised which is quite a feat for someone that chronically suffers from dry lips. It's also perfect for people that aren't a fan of heavy lip products as it feels as though you are only wearing a lip balm.

I had such a fabulous time at the Ecstasy Shine launch event, I am in love with the new lipsticks and can't wait to get my hands on more.

What's your favourite Giorgio Armani product?

Speak to you next time!
*I was invited to the launch event by Kate. 
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Danielle Levy


  1. I have to say I’ve never tried anything from Georgio Armani Beauty but it is a brand I’ve heard mentioned quite a bit - especially lately - so I’m sorely tempted to check them out. Are there nude shades as part of the collection? (I don’t like to get too adventurous with lipstick. I like to stick to what makes me feel the most comfortable.)

    Jackie O xo

  2. I do love a good red lip so I think I need to check out this collection! Sam you look gorgeous and that lip suits you so well!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland