Scouse Bird HQ Launch

I feel so lucky when I think of how amazing the Liverpool blogging community is. So many of us are accomplishing amazing things, I've just hosted my first event with a brand, several people were guest speakers at the British Style Collective and we're all working with some amazing brands! All in all, we're going from strength to strength and the next latest amazing accomplishment is the launch of Scouse Bird Blogs new office/shop. 

I must admit I never followed Steph back (I think it was in high school) when she was anonymous and was making massive waves on social media following Desperate Scousewives coming to our TV's. I actually got introduced to her at British Style Collective when we all got bundled into a taxi all of a sudden and shipped off to St George's Hall. Since then we've been following each other and I can see why she is so popular, she is a truly lovely and funny person! 

A few weeks back, I got an email from her inviting me down to the influencer launch of the shop and my word was it a fun night. As usual with blogger events, there was the hunt to find out which bloggers I knew were also going so I at least had one person to talk to! Luckily my girls Jess and Alex were both there which coupled with prosecco and cupcakes made for a great evening. 

The new HQ is situated in the big, yellow Rent A Space on Dunningsbridge Road, Aintree, open 9-5pm Monday-Friday & 9-4pm on a Saturday. 

Whilst she had her own HQ before she opened this one, she only had the online shop meaning you couldn't go in a see the products, buy WAY too much and get the chance to meet the lovely Steph. The idea of having a physical shop as well literally fell into her lap by the lovely people at Rent A Space who wanted her to promote the space and she saw the potential for turning it into the amazing space it is now. Rent A Space is literally a wonderland of business with everything from Scouse Bird, florists, clothing shops and wedding stationary. It even has a craft school for adults with learning disabilities, who made the amazing till in Steph's shop!

There really is something for everyone in Steph's shop, with beautiful stationary (including the fabulous diaries that are due in very soon), an incredible range of mugs with Christmas in September as well! The beauty section is full to the brim of amazing and unique items, there's beauty and the beast themed makeup brushes, rainbow highlighters, mermaid makeup brushes and so much more. She even got birthday cards and clothing! 

Seeing Steph's shop and truly instagrammable office was such an inspiration after a long week of night shifts leaving me a little less than inspired. Being around so many amazing bloggers and meeting some new incredible ones, all there to support a fellow Liverpool blogger who is absolutely killing it was so nice! From starting back in 2011 as the anonymous person behind a funny twitter account to being an incredible business woman and blogger in 2017. It really gives me the motivation to keep going with my blog and makes me think that someday I might be able to make something of my little blog and do half as good as Steph has.

Be sure to nip down, say hi to Steph and pick up a couple of bits. Don't forget if you take selfie at their floral selfie wall, share it on social media, tag Steph in it and then show it at the till when you pay, you get 10% off your bill! 

What more of an excuse do you need to go?!

Speak to you next time!
*I was invited down to Scouse Bird HQ for the launch night.
All thoughts and opinons are 100% honest and my own.
Danielle Levy

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