Hosting My First Blogger Event

The end of August brought so much positivity to my blog and in turn, it really gave me and my blog the inspirational boost it needed. Not only did my little old blog hit 3 years old but I also hosted my very first event as a blogger with such an incredible brand!!

Whilst I was so incredibly excited and honoured to be able to work with Clarin's and host an incredible event, if you ask any of my friends I was actually bricking it behind the scenes. I may speak to patients, relatives, Dr's etc on a daily basis, standing up in front of so many amazing people was nerve-wracking! I've been to incredible events that have been hosted by bloggers that I can only aspire to be half as good as. I never thought in a million years that any brand would get in touch asking me to host! When I look at amazing bloggers like Em Sheldon I am always in awe of how they are so comfortable and at ease they are in front of groups of their followers/readers, I don't know if it's something that comes with time and practice or something that naturally comes to them.

But I was over the moon when the lovely ladies at my local Clarin's counter invited me to host my own event. Clarin's are a brand that I've used over the past year as part of my skincare routine all thanks to my best friend Steph, who didn't really give me a choice in trying them out but I've been using their products religiously for the past couple of weeks and I can see such an improvement in the look and condition my skin.

I am so proud of myself for saying yes to hosting this event, whilst I might be a bad influence at other bloggers event, yes I genuinely am the person that will tell you to get something because it is gorgeous or you deserve it! Having all my friends and favourite bloggers around me definitely made me feel more at ease and it was just like I was at a normal blogging event, not my own event! I'm not gonna lie, I was slightly gutted when a couple of people had to pull out last minute, but thankfully they sent me loads of lovely messages of support. I had such an incredible time in the run-up and on an actual evening, I can only hope that there will be many more events I host because of my blog and because of all you wonderful people reading!

Here's to many more events!

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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  1. So so proud of how well you've done in three years! Here's to many more!