August Favourites

august favourites, urban decay heat palette, clarins lip oil, pixi primer, tanya burr highlighter

August has been a very exciting month for me, I've hosted my first event as a blogger and I had my 3 year blog birthday so I thought I would write about some of the products I've been obsessed with, some for August and some for the past couple of months. 

August favourites, skincare, beauty, haircare
urban decay heat palette, pixi primer, clarins lip oil and tanya burr highlighter
giorgio armani prima soft peeling lotion

The past month I've picked up a couple of new bits and I've been obsessed with using them ever since, I must admit that 95% of my favourites are skin care or makeup related. Blame all the amazing new releases this month!

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette
Could this really be an August favourites without the latest launch from Urban Decay. I've always been on the Naked palette bandwagon since the Naked 1 as I thought it had the perfect combination of colours. The Heat palette has been raved about since WAY before it was released. This eyeshadow palette contains 12 brand new, warm toned neutral eyeshadows, making this palette perfect for using every day and taking your makeup look from day to night. This palette is universally flattering with shades that are perfect for everyone, all the shadows are so pigmented and blend together beautifully!

Pixi By Petra Primer
Now as an amateur beauty blogger (I don't consider my makeup and beauty knowledge to be considered a beauty blogger), I am going to admit a cardinal sin in makeup.......I have never used a foundation primer! That was until I was gifted the Pixi Flawless & Poreless Primer at the BSC blogger event. I have never met a foundation primer that I got along with that didn't make my foundation slide around my skin. I am going to be writing a full review this month so I won't spoil it here but you need to go and check this primer out!

Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation
I've had this foundation for a couple of months now after the lovely Kate at the Chester counter managed to convince me to get it and I've never looked back! The Power Fabric foundation is their demi-matte, highest coverage foundation that Giorgio Armani has ever released. It's one of the few makeup products that every single time I wear it, I get compliments about. It's super lightweight and lasts over 13.5 hours on my skin, I've worn it all day at work and it truly holds up!

Tanya Burr Highlighter
I picked up these highlighters when they first came out thinking that they looked like a drugstore version of the Hourglass highlighters. Whilst I haven't used the blush and bronzer shades, I've been obsessed with the champagne one. I've been using it every day as a highlighter and it gives you a beautiful shimmer that illuminates your skin everytime the light catches your face.

Clarin's Lip Oil
If you haven't tried the Clarin's lip oils, you need to get your butt to the nearest counter and get one! This is the only lip balm I've used that helps with my dry lips, seriously I have tried practically every lip balm known to woman kind and these are the only things that stop my lips flaking! You can use these two ways, as an everyday lip balm or as an intensive lip mask to restore moisture into your lips. With seven different shades to choose from, each has a delicious scent unique to the colour....they seriously taste good enough to eat!

Skin Chemist's Rose Quartz Moisturiser
I was gifted this moisturiser a little while ago and I've been tested this out for the past month or so. If you've looked at any skin care over the past couple of months, you might have noticed a massive rose theme going on and I am loving it. This is a nice lightweight moisturiser that helps to brighten, illuminate and soften your skin. I've been using it on the days I'm working and I find that my makeup sits lovely on top of it.

Armani Prima Soft Peeling Lotion
This was another purchase that was heavily influenced by Kate from the Chester counter but this is one of the latest Giorgio Armani Prima skin care launches. It can be used in two ways depending on your skin, you can either swipe it over your skin on a cotton pad or for dryer skin you can apply it straight to your skin. I've been applying it every day before my serum and I feel like it's helped to reduce how visible my pores are around my nose and my skin looks smoother and more radiant. 

Clarin's Double Serum
As you may have seen I actually hosted an event on Wednesday with Clarin's in Liverpool for the re-launch of the double serum. Beforehand I got to test out the new version and compare it to the old version which I've had for over 8 months and only managed to use half even with daily use! Within a week of using the new formula, my skin looked smoother, brighter and so much softer and the results have only gotten better the more I've used it!

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance
I feel like this has been a cult product for years and I did use it years ago and for some reason never repurchased it. I've switched between using oils on my hair to using leave in hair conditioners after picking this back up and I haven't looked back. I can be super lazy with my hair and this is perfect when I just want to go to sleep after washing my hair! As you all may know, it smells incredible and it also leaves my hair so soft!

Speak to you next time!
*Some of the products included have been gifted to me by brands,
all thoughts and opinions are 100% and my own.
Danielle Levy

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  1. I really want a Clarins lip oil in my life, especially after playing with them the other night! Your first blogger event was a roaring success, I hope you plan on doing more! I had so much fun and you could tell you were in your absolute element! Well done girly!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland