Spa Of The World & Rose Petal Toners

I've always been a massive fan of The Body Shop since way back in high school when everyone had those fruity lip balms in the clear pots (if you are a 20-something reader, you will know the exact ones I'm talking about!). So I am always up for their blogger events, especially when they're planned by one of my favourite body shop girls Sarah, she is known throughout the Liverpool bloggers for throwing some amazing blogger events! Thankfully August brought 4 new products launching as well as two Spa of the World products that have launched recently which only means one thing........a blogger event!

Before the event, as usual, I arrived SUPER early and got to meet up with some of my favourite bloggers, Sam, Sarah and Kayleigh and got the chance to have a catch up! After a good catch up and plenty of laughter in Eat, we wandered over to The Body Shop for a glass of prosecco and a nosey at the latest launches.

Sarah kindly organised hand and arm massages using the latest additions to the Spa of the World collection, the French Grape Seed Scrub and the Ethiopian Green Coffee Cream. Both of the items are part of their firming ritual to leave your skin feeling firmer and smoother. The smell of this range is incredible and does not smell like coffee at all despite the name, the scent is so refreshing but subdued so you won't be left smelling like a walking, talking Lush store. The Body Shop have recently released miniatures of their Spa of the World scrubs and body creams so you can test them out for only £7 before you purchase the big one at £22!

Onto skincare, The Body Shop have released four new skincare products to add to their already massive range. With two new toners and two new masks, there's something for everyone in the new launches! Not gonna lie when I first saw the Rose Petal Gel Toner, I was slightly creeped out by the texture of the product. This is the first of it's kind for The Body Shop, instead of a typical water-like toner, the rose petal one is a gel texture with actual rose petals in it! It is 100% vegan and alcohol-free, leaving your skin feeling soft, soothed and replenished. The Ginseng & Rice Milky Toner is also 100% vegan and alcohol-free, that leaves your skin smoother, brighter and revitalised. This one wasn't for me, I wasn't a massive fan of the scent and after using it on my hand, it felt like it had sucked some of the moisture out of my skin and it was desperately in new of moisturiser. This won't happen for everyone, I just have particularly dry skin!

There are also two new masks launches, an addition to the expert face mask range and a sleeping mask! The Japanese Matcha Mask contains matcha green tea, aloe vera and apricot. It helps to exfoliate, purify and rid your skin of the build-up of pollution and impurities in your skin. The Body Shop are expanding their range of masks you can sleep in! They've just released the Tea Tree Anti-Imperfections Sleeping Mask, a great addition to your night-time skincare routine, this mask helps to reduce imperfections leaving your skin clearer and smoother. Similar to their Drops of Youth sleeping mask, the tea tree one has a memory-like jelly texture, we all personally thought it looked like Flubber at the event! This one would definitely be the perfect mask to pop in the fridge after a very hot summer day or whilst on holiday to give your skin a cooling boost.

I am in love with the new launches, I picked up quite a few of them on the evening and I think I want all of them except the ginseng toner. As always Sarah held an incredible event and got us all so excited for the upcoming Christmas event!! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for reviews of the new launches very soon.

What new launch do you want the most?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy


  1. OH MY GOSH I remember those lip balms hahahaha. They were the SHIT back then ;) this event sounds amazing and the products look absolutely beaut! Love a good body shop treat xx

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