GHD Pink Blush #BreastCancerNow Collection

GHD pink collection

As this year has progressed I have fallen more and more in love with GHD, all thanks to Natalie at the Liverpool counter. She kindly recently invited me to the counter for the launch of the new blush pink collection in support of breast cancer, I am so in love the collection and that GHD are raising millions of pounds in support of breast cancer!

GHD pink collection breast cancer
GHD pink collection hairstyle breast cancer
GHD pink collection hairstyle breast cancer

GHD has supported breast cancer charities throughout the world for over 13 years, raising over £10million and counting. This year their blush pink collection includes a hair dryer, platinum straightener and hair brush and for every one sold GHD are donating money to Breast Cancer Now in the UK and the Irish Cancer Society in Ireland. In support of My Hair Cares throughout the country, GHD is running the Chop To Your Chin campaign, that is encouraging anyone with long hair to cut their hair to chin length (get it?!) to be donated to the Little Princess Trust who give real hair wigs free to children who have lost their hair through cancer or other illness, they also help to fund research into childhood cancers as well. In order to donate your hair to the Little Princess Trust, it has to be over 7" to be included in a short haired wig and over 12" for a long haired wig. If you are thinking of donating your hair for such an amazing cause, go check out their guidelines for donation.

To promote the Chop To Your Chin campaign, 3 new shorter hairstyles have been released this August on the GHD counters. I am in love with the textured bob style, it seriously makes me consider chopping my hair short! Whilst I love my Tropic Sky straighteners that I bought at the last event, I kinda wished I'd waited for the rosy pink style. I think I'm actually gonna go back and treat myself to a new hair dryer (not gonna lie, I think my old hairdryer is over 5 years old!) and the pink paddle brush which donates an amazing £12 in total to Breast Cancer Now.

I think it's so incredible that GHD have decided to support an amazing cause and have done for over 13 years! I am in love with the new collection and the new colour, the last one I remember was quite a bright vivid pink which just wasn't for me. With millions of pounds already raised and so much more to be raised, you should pop along to your local counter and get involved with raising money for some fantastic causes.

What's your favourite item from the new collection?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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  1. Danielle, your hair looks stunning curled like this! Great cause from GHD! X