British Style Collective Day 3 Picture Diary

It's finally time for my last blog post about the British Style Collective, I've tried to spread out the post over the past month so it wasn't just a complete BSC overload. I also got WAY too excited to write about other things during the past month, it's been so hard to only have 2 blog posts go up a week!

I couldn't believe how incredibly fast the three days of BSC went! I was so excited for the last day of the British Style Collective, mainly because I couldn't wait to see the famous fashion show everyone raves about. 

On the last day more fabulous Liverpool bloggers did a talk on fashion blogging which just inspired me even more to start putting more hard work and effort into my blog to start turning it into something long-term that I can do as well as my nursing. I was also super happy that I managed to catch the Henry Holland talk (I'd sadly missed his talk the day before because I put coffee before the talk!) where he talked about how he started his business and how he's developed over the years. The lovely Mollie King from The Saturdays also had a talk with Caryn Franklin, both looked stunning particularly Mollie in her yellow jumpsuit.

After a long weekend of early morning and busy days full of talks, I took myself down to the bloggers lounge in the ACC in the afternoon to get some last minute shopping in as well as taking some time to edit some of the pictures from this weekend (I ended up with hundreds, I wish I was joking!). I was so excited that I managed to get my hands on a Spectrum brush set for £20, I genuinely thought they would have been sold out by the Sunday, I also can't wait to get my hands on the Mean Girls brushes that launch this month!

My favourite part of the day has definitely got to be the famous fashion shows, I now know why everyone completely raves about them! As a previous dance student, the dancers were choreographed to perfection. The violinist and singer were so incredible, they completely made the show. Whilst some of the themed walks weren't quite for me style wise, I loved the walks that featured stores in Liverpool One. I would highly highly recommend if you come next year to make sure you get your tickets super early so you can get a prime seat for the show!

What's your favourite part of the British Style Collective?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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