The Tell Me More Tag

Back at the beginning of June, my gorgeous friend Lyd created her own tag over on her blog to get to know the person behind the blog and she kindly invited everyone to get involved in it!

What's the story behind your blog name?

So throughout the nearly 3 years that I've had my blog, I've actually modified the name of my blog. During my first year of uni I created my blog Student To Staff Nurse to document my life as student nurse on my journey to becoming a staff nurse. Little did I know 3 years ago that blogging would become such a massive part of my life. About this time last year I made the decision to buy my URL and I decided to change it to Danielle Levy (still keeping the Student To Staff Nurse tag line) as I felt like I wasn't going to be restricted with what I wanted to write about.

What's your real reason for blogging?
I genuinely blog because I love it! When I first started my blog, I wanted it to be a place student nurses could come for advice about nursing and somewhere they could come when they wanted to take a break from nursing. It's then transformed over 3 years as a place that anyone came come to!

Best thing about blogging?
Whilst I have made some amazing friends through blogging, the best thing has been when someone tells me how much they loved a blog post or how helpful they found it!

Worst thing about blogging?
The pressure that I put on myself, sometimes I stress about numbers, what people think of me, the type of posts I put up. I also put a real pressure on myself when I see people who have been blogging for a very similar amount of time and are way bigger than my blog.

Proudest moment so far?
I actually have two, is that cheating?! One happened at the LIV food market launch event when someone from BetterYou mentioned a blogger that they always mention when marketing a product, turns out he was actually talking about me and my blog post about my B12 deficiency. It made me super proud as he also mentioned that one store had actually printed out my blog post and had it displayed in their store. My second proudest moment is something that is due to happen next month, I've been asked to host my first event......with Clarins!!

What are your ultimate blogging goals? Don't be shy!
My biggest blog goals is that one day I would love to be able to work part-time (I don't think I could ever give up nursing!) and take my blog full time.

If you released a book, what genre would it be?
Now I am not a creative person, as evident with my writing! Growing up I always had my head in a Jacqueline Wilson book, reading them I just loved the stories but looking back on them as a grown up, I love how she wrote about serious issues in a way that is accessible but not terrifying for children. I think if I was gonna write a book, it would probably be a non-fiction book like those.

If you released products, what would they be? Homeware, beauty or something unexpected?
I think I would probably release something around beauty, stationary or homeware. I couldn't choose between the 3 mainly because I love everything beauty, stationary and homeware!

What would you name the products and why?
I honestly have no idea, I am the WORST with naming things. You have no idea how long it takes me to come up with blog post titles!

What has blogging taught you?
Blogging has taught me that I can do whatever I want and I am capable of so much more than I thought I would ever be!

Sum up your blog in three words
This was so difficult but probably, happy, inspiring and encouraging.

I would love to tag everyone to do this tag, especially Sam, Danielle and Jess.

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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  1. Oo thanks girly for the tag! Will definitely do this! I love the questions & your answers! You've had some really great achievements through your blog, can't wait for the Clarins event! X