New Eats ~ Neighbourhood Liverpool

Ahead of the British Style Collective next week, I took a little trip with Sam into Neighbourhood Liverpool (where if you show your ticket next weekend, you even get a discount off your bill!). We decided to go for a late lunch after spending the morning at the LIV food market's blogger brunch so after a mooch around Liverpool One in search of the latest beauty must-haves, we found ourself at Neighbourhood.

We may have ended up getting there about 20 minutes before we'd actually booked a table (thanks to the group of smokers that decided to descend on our bench when we were enjoying a chat in the sun!), thankfully the lovely host took pity on us and let us come early! The inside of Neighbourhood is an Instagram dream with beautiful architecture, neon lights and pink booths, it's difficult not to find a pretty spot to take a picture. I mean, they even have the prettiest bathrooms!

We were invited to try out their lunchtime menu that had just launched, now I can be pretty meh with lunches and I'm also pretty fussy so I don't always go for lunch items. Their new lunch menu consists of dishes split into several sections, small plates, mains, raw, sushi rolls, sides and express lunch. 

I decided to go for the adult equivalent of a kids meal, mac and cheese. Although Neighbourhood up the mac and cheese game by adding either lobster or braised beef. I went boring and got it as just plain mac and cheese with a side of parmesan straw fries, both of which were incredibly delicious. Sam was way more adventurous than me and went for the club sandwich. For dessert, I decided to go for the chocolate bomb and Sam went for the cappuccino brûlée (both of which are so delicious!). 

All the food was delicious and it wasn't too much trouble if you wanted to make any adjustments. Now I'm a really slow eater which probably bugs a lot of people, so whenever I go out I always of have the problem of barely finishing one course and they're already putting another straight onto the table. I loved that whilst we were at Neighbourhood, nothing felt rushed. We had plenty of time between sitting down and getting a drink to ordering our food. We probably had about 5-10 minutes between when one course was taken and the next one arrived. For me, I found it the perfect amount of time as at the end of the meal I wasn't left feeling completely bloated and like I need a nap. 

Don't forget to head to Neighbourhood this weekend for a delicious lunch or dinner and dessert of course! Remember to take your British Style Collective ticket in to get discount off your bill this weekend!

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy


  1. I can't wait to get to Neighbourhood again sometime soon. I have dreams about that cappuccino brulee!

    Samm x

    1. We need to go back soon, I'm dreaming about that brulee and the matchstick chips! xxx