Delicious Healthy Food With Everdine

Over the past year, I have said numerous times that I want to improve the way I eat. Yet every single time I find that I end up straying from my plan and grabbing something quick and easy or a takeaway after a long day at work because of my lack of time/energy and lack of healthy food in the house. Everdine kindly saw how awful I'm being with my healthy eating and offered me a selection of their meals to test out and see if I can get my healthy eating back on track.

If you have never met Everdine, let me introduce you. Everdine is an online service that allows you to pick from a selection of plans, either getting 8 or 12 classic or veggie meals for £6.40-6.90 per meal. Each meal uses ingredients that are sustainably sourced and are then created into delicious, wholesome meals. All the meals come frozen to ensure it locks in all the goodness without the need for preservatives which helps keep your food clean. All meals are delivered by courier in sheep wool packaging. 

So what did I think?!

I love the idea behind this company, many companies that have meals delivered to you are all fresh meals that have to be eaten that week. With Everdine all the meals come already frozen and all the meals I received are good in the freezer until the end of 2017, meaning there is no rush for me to eat all of them! All the meals are cooked from frozen in the microwave and take about 10 minutes from start to finish. For anyone who follows clean eating, these meals are perfect as they contain all the macros and nutritional information on the back per 100g and per pack. The meals I tried were delicious, the seasoning was just right for me and the portion sizes were a little too big for me (I have a small stomach so I eat little and often), but for someone with a normal size stomach, these would be perfect. I even had my mum's partner (who can eat quite large meals) try them and he loved them, it was the perfect amount of food for him.

Now as much as I loved the plan, I had a couple of things that I didn't really like. With Everdine, you are currently only able to get deliveries on a Friday or Saturday which could be troublesome for some people. You may or may not know that I am quite a fussy eater, so for me there wasn't enough choice for me, you only get 8 meals to pick from. I picked 8 meals that I thought I would enjoy the most, fussiness included, however, I received an email just before my order arrived to say that some of my meals had been swapped out due to no stock. However, Everdine don't actually tell which meals have been swapped and what the replacement meals would be or let you choose the replacement meals, this to me is a major flaw as if someone can't eat certain foods and had specifically chosen their meals to avoid certain ingredients and then had them swapped out for the meals they were avoiding, it's a lot of money potentially wasted for something they won't/can't eat.

For those non-fussy healthy eaters (yes, you can get fussy healthy eaters!) who follow clean eating or struggle to put meals together at the end of a long day, Everdine's plans are perfect for you and definitely worth a try!

Everdine have kindly given me an offer for all my lovely readers if you follow this link, you will receive £25 off your first order!

Have you ever tried anything like these?

Speak to you next time!
*I was sent a selection of meals to try and review by Everydine. 
All opinions are 100% honest and my own.
Danielle Levy


  1. This sounds like a great service! You know how lazy I am with cooking, so I think someone literally giving me a meal to just reheat is a great idea, haha.


    1. Not gonna lie I was thinking of you when I was writing it! Haha xxx