British Style Collective Outfit Diaries

Last weekend I headed to the British Style Collective and if you haven't seen on mine or any fellow Liverpool bloggers social media, last week basically revolved around deciding what to wear! I decided to go all out with the picture taking last weekend and take pictures for my first ever outfit diaries (I even managed to get some video footage for my youtube channel)!

I had planned to pick out my outfits at the beginning of the week, however, life kindly got in the way and I planned one, maybe two outfits max. Now I am not in any way a blogger or girl that has her shit together and looks put together every single day so with the BSC being a fashion festival, I decided to really make an effort!

Coat ~ Warehouse, Top ~ Zara, Jeans ~ George @ ASDA, Shoes ~ Primark

Now I'm not going to go into detail about each of the days at BSC, I'm going to be writing blog posts on each day. Day 1 was the perfect day for me, I had such a fab time with some of my favourite Liverpool bloggers. Considering that I wore brand new heels (I literally got them the day before), I felt so comfortable and pretty in this outfit! I am also completely in love with this jacket from Warehouse, I picked it up at the Lunchtime Escapes Warehouse event.

Jacket ~ TU, Top ~ Boohoo, Jeans ~ Primark, Shoes ~ Quiz

Day 2 was a super busy day, not only did I have the British Style Collective, I also had CarnLIVal at Yard & Coop. I've been to several CarnLIVal events, organised by the lovely Katy and Sammy. There will be a separate blog post though as I could fill this entire post raving about CarnLIVal! I was so comfortable in the outfit and the jacket was actually a last minute find in the TU summer sale and I am so in love with it. I didn't think that I could make this style of jacket work, apparently I can!

Shirt ~ Boohoo, Jeans ~ George @ ASDA, Shoes ~ Primark

I loved this top when I first picked it up but after wearing it all day on a very hot, sunny Sunday, it completely bugged me by the end of the day. I definitely have not yet mastered the whole off the shoulder, rolled up sleeve trend (tips in the comments below would be great!). Even though I was a hot, sweaty mess in my shirt, I got so many compliments on my shoes and I am truly in love with them. They are the perfect height for me, just high enough that I'm not the shortest person in the room, but not too high that my feet are killing after a couple of hours.

What was your favourite outfit from the weekend?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy


  1. You look amazing! I'm in love with that silk bomber on Day 2! Looking forward to reading more of your BSC blogs! X

    1. Thank you so much lovely! I fell in love with it and stumbled upon it completely by accident in TU xx

  2. you look amazing Dan! Fantastic blog!! xx

    1. Thank you lovely and thank you so much for your expert picture taking! xx

  3. You look so fab in all of these photos! I'm glad you had such a good time at the BSC!


    1. Thank you so much lovely, we missed you at BSC! xx