Birthday #CarnLIVal

carnLIVal blogger event

Now it's only been 3 months since the last CarnLIVal, but pretty much as soon as the last one was finished, Katy and Sammy were already planning out the next one! Luckily three of the lovelies from our group chat all had a birthday in July, so it was the perfect excuse for a CarnLIVAL!

carnLIVal blogger event
carnLIVal blogger event
CarnLIVal breakout liverpool

The whole weekend CarnLIVal was on was a completely crazy one for me because it fell on the same weekend as the British Style Collective. So after a crazy busy morning at BSC, I rushed right over to Yard & Coop who kindly hosted the event and I am dreaming of my next visit there (get yourself over for some of the Halloumi Nuggets!!). We were tucked away in our own little tunnel with a bath filled with balloons and platters of delicious food. With naughty and nice bags, raffles and Costco cake, what more can a blogger need?!

Wrapped around a booth, myself, Kayleigh and Sam put the world to right, catching up and laughing. We didn't want to let Kayleigh go back to Manchester!! After plenty of laughs, food, and a pin the camera on the blogger game, we headed off to a surprise event. Unfortunately over half of the bloggers left at this point which was sad because we had an absolutely amazing afternoon in Breakout Liverpool! Now Katy, Sammy and Sam are all massively into breakout rooms (go to any of their blogs and find out all about them killing them!), I on the other have NEVER been to a breakout room (I genuinely never thought I was smart enough to complete one!). Luckily I was in a group with Kiah and Abby (who are WAY smarter than me) and we managed to break out with 3:50 minutes to spare!!

I had such an amazing time, as usual at CarnLIVal. Katy and Sammy always go above and beyond to organise amazing events and get bloggers throughout the country talking to each other! I had such a fun day and loved the breakout room element, fingers crossed for a Halloween or Christmas one!

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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