The Latest Addition To Subscription Boxes: Curated Combination

I've been blogging nearly 3 years this August and I've never actually subscribed to any beauty/lifestyle subscription boxes, bad blogger I know! As much as some have them have caught my eye, I've always been put off seeing boxes full of foil packets or repeat offenders. I have enough products that I don't get through to have a bunch of the same products or foil packets lying around! This is where Curated Combination have come to the rescue!

Curated Combination is the latest business venture from the amazing Katy and Sammy, these ladies are straight up killing it with life at the moment! Just like me, these girlies are fed up of getting subscription boxes that are filled with foils packets and repeat offenders, so they created the best thing to happen to subscription boxes.....a box filled with full-sized products exclusive for bloggers! One big thing that tempted me with the Curated Combination boxes is that you actually don't subscribe to anything, each month is completely optional, you go back and buy if you want to.....and why wouldn't you?!

The boxes are created by bloggers for bloggers. To make it even more exclusive Katy and Sammy have limited it to 30 boxes a month, meaning as soon as launch day comes around it's a race to see which of your favourite bloggers get a box! Each box is only £12.50 including shipping, filled with 5 full-sized products, can we talk about what great value for money it is?!! This box would be perfect if you are ever like me a get complete bloggers block and are always looking for new things to write about. Luckily I am good friends with Katy and Sammy so I didn't have to play the stalk the postman game for my box, come on we ALL play that game with exciting packages!!

Nestled in under the rainbow tissue paper were my goodies and for the first box, the Curated Combination absolutely killed it! This box has a little bit of everything inside and will be so helpful if like me you get awful bloggers block, this box gives you multiple products to test out and write about. Talk about getting the bang for your blogger buck!

What I got in my box
Toni & Guy Cleanse Shampoo and Conditioner for dry hair
ARK Skincare Skinessential cleanser
Bramley hand cream
GOSH Infinity eyeliner
Makeup Geek plush matte liquid lipstick
Portlebay Popcorn in lemon serbet
Superdrug tote bag.

I was completely blown away with how many amazing full-sized products you get for only £12.50 with free P&P! These boxes will be available on the 1st of every month and ship on the 15th of the month. I'm so excited to see what brands are in next month's box and I will definitely be setting my alarm each month to make sure I get one!

I've already got my next box, have you?!

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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