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Your New McDonald's, McDonald's Huyton

I was first introduced to McDonald's when I was probably about 6 or 7, blame living in the Orkney Isles where our nearest neighbour wasn't for miles for that one! When we moved to the Wirral 16 years ago as a single parent household, a McDonald's happy meal was our little treat from my mum. Over 16 years I have seen it change and adapt into the modern family favourite that it is today, so when I got an email last week inviting me to the Huyton branch in Liverpool to get behind the counters and make my own burger, I was so excited to work with a company that has been part of my family for over 15 years!

Your New McDonald's self serve kiosks
Your New McDonald's, Danielle, Sam and Mark
Your New McDonald's, burgers, burger making station
Your New McDonald's, making my own mcdonald's burger

Back in 1999, we had just moved to the Wirral and the first McDonald's my auntie introduced us to had one of those huge play areas for kids (that I don't actually think are in any stores anymore). Nowadays they've moved with the times and whilst they've lost the huge play areas that were great for really active or outgoing kids, they've brought back play areas for kids but adapted them with tablets for the tech-savvy children or for grown-ups that need to catch up with Twitter and Facebook over their morning coffee. As well as the tablet tables they've got reading corners for the shy, bookworms (not ashamed to admit that I was one of these kids when I was younger, like I could get through a full book in a day!) and activities such as face painting for the more creative kids.

After me and Sam getting lost (thanks google maps!), stuck in traffic and driving on some of the bumpiest roads in Liverpool, we finally arrived at the Huyton McDonalds, just up the road from Alder Hey hospital. As we came in the lovely Sophie from Red Consultancy introduced us to Mark the franchisee and Diane the store manager over coffee where they told us all about the exciting changes McDonald's have made over the years and the differences it makes for the customers. I was amazed when Mark told us that the McDonald's delivery truck actually run off the oil that is used to fry the fries, which really helps push towards their goal of being a no-waste company!

Mark introduced us to the new table service feature, whether you are a mum with some very hungry children or with a big group of friends. You can customise your food to be as unqiue as you and then sit down whilst the lovely staff make up your order and bring it over. No more juggling kids, prams, toys and the tray full of food. No more waiting for your order whilst everyone else is sat down chatting and enjoying their food.

Gone are the days of boards that flipped from breakfast to the main menu at 10.30am. Now the electronic menu displays have great quality pictures of the food as well as nutritional information and the latest special releases, like my favourite.....the frozen strawberry lemonade. If you haven't tried it already, you need to get your butt to your local McDonald's to try it out. One of the newest electronic additions are the self-serve kiosks, you have probably seen these popping up in your local branches. These kiosks allow you to fully customise your meal, meaning the fussiest eaters and those who thought they couldn't eat at McDonald's because of certain eating plans can now adapt their meals and have it all freshly made like everyone else. The kiosk screens can also be adapted so mums can get their kids involved with ordering their own food and changing it up from the basic chips and drink with their meal to a selection of healthier options. 

We got kitted out with hats, aprons and name badges ready for the tour of the kitchen and learning how to make our own burgers. Whilst we were in the kitchen, Diane told us all about how every item is made fresh for you meaning that no matter if you order the standard Big Mac or double cheeseburger with just cheese, each item is made in a minute and a half!

I had such a fab time getting to go behind the counter and having a go at making my own burger. I can't wait to see the new McDonald's opening on Great Homer street on the 28th June. 

What's your favourite thing to order from McDonald's?

Speak to you next time!
*This post was sponsored by McDonald's. 
All view and opinions are 100% honest and my own.
Danielle Levy

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