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I don't think I ever really announced it on my blog, but at the beginning of May myself and Sam decided to start a 3 month eat healthy, get fit challenge. Now with me living on the Wirral and Sam living in Liverpool, we are constantly on the lookout for some yummy, healthy food places in the city centre. I feel like Bold street has become the Soho of Liverpool, if you take a wander up the street there are health food markets, independent coffee shops and delicious, unique restaurants. Up at the top, in view of the bombed out church sits Pho, Liverpool's solution to healthy Vietnamese street food.

Pho Liverpool
Pho Liverpool Chicken Pho Chicken Wings
Pho Liverpool Chicken Pho Danielle Levy

After finally getting my hair refreshed in Voodou, the lovely people at Pho invited me and Sam to come in for lunch and sample their menu. It was lovely to walk in and the manager Ed was ready and waiting to greet us, usually there's the awkward dance of "yep I'm here to review the restaurant", then the scramble to get the manager and confirm it all! Once sat down with drinks and prawn crackers, FYI try the made on the spot juices they are delicious, Ed then sat down and introduced us to Pho, told us about the brand and the dishes they serve.

Starting way back in 2005, the team behind Pho opened their first restaurant down in London after falling in love with the food in Vietnam. Since their launch, they have gone from strength to strength and now have restaurants all across the UK. Inside Pho has a lovely rustic vibe with exposed brick walls, dark wood tables and woven lamp shades. 

I was seriously impressed that most of the menu is under 600 calories, making it a very healthy option when out and about in town. The menu has loads to choose from, everything from starters and salads to Pho and curries. We both decided to go for the Pho, Sam got the Pho Chin which was slow cooked brisket beef and I went for the Pho Ga which was chicken breast cooked in chicken stock. For those of you who were like me beforehand....completely clueless to what Pho is, Pho is a rice noodle soup with spring onions and herbs. You also get an additional dish of herbs and seasonings so you can make your Pho as unique as you!

Even without adding any extra herbs or seasonings, the Pho was delicious and that is coming from the fussiest eater in Merseyside!! The meat was cooked to perfection, it just fell apart in the stock, the stock was also perfectly seasoned (it's all down to the 12 hours it takes to create the stock). All the staff were super friendly and even taught us how to eat it as we were Pho newbies. I went adventurous whilst there and actually tried out their freshly made juices and Vietnamese iced coffee, both of which were delicious and definitely not what I expected!

I love finding new, healthier options whilst I'm out in town. I'm definitely going to be going back next time in town as the food was delicious and filling, but not to the point where you feel bloated and sleepy after eating which is so refreshing (maybe I should eat less carbs, that also might help!). 

Have you tried Pho? What did you think?

Speak to you next time!
*I was invited to Pho to try out the food and review the restaurant. 
All view and opinions are 100% honest and my on.
Danielle Levy


  1. Pho is amazing! I want everything off the menu and can't wait to go back! It's a fabulous alternative when being health but still wanting to enjoy time out with friends!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. It was all so delicious and that's coming from the fussiest eater ever! Definitely my next lunch spot when out in town xx