Multi-Masking With The Body Shop & Em Sheldon

Weeks and weeks ago I applied for the chance to win tickets to attend a masking masterclass with The Body Shop and the opportunity to meet Em Sheldon, unfortunately I never got an email to say I was one of the lucky ones to get tickets. However, I just so happened to be on Twitter at the right time a couple of days before the event and managed to score some last minute tickets to the event!

For me, The Body Shop has always been a brand that I keep coming back to, as a teenager it was there for my acne prone skin and those jelly lip balms everyone had as a teen, as an adult it's there was face masks and the perfect pamper products and as a blogger, it's there with amazing events and killer products! Before the event, the only face mask I'd tried was the Amazonian Acai mask, whilst you might look like you are having the Kim K blood facial when you've got it on, it leaves your face glowing and super soft when you take it off!

At the masterclass, I arrived just in time (I got stuck in tunnel traffic....again!) and was welcomed with some sweet treats and drinks. We were given the chance to look around before the talk started, this was also the perfect time for me to get a bunch of pictures taken! After I'd taken pictures till my hearts content, I grabbed a drink and some macarons ready for the talk about using different Expert Facial Masks to help tackle those pesky skin problems!

The expert face masks are a range of 5 masks have been designed to give you that glowing post-facial skin in the comfort of your own home, all inspired by nature. The range has something for everyone from the purifying charcoal mask to the acai mask which gives you gorgeous glowing skin. All the masks are 100% vegetarian and 3 out of 5 of the masks are vegan, honey is the only thing that makes the other 2 not vegan. As the talk began, we were talked through all the different masks and what Em used each one for (and which were her favourite), they also gave us a demo of how to use the different masks on different areas of their face with their facial mask brush

I had such a lovely evening having a play with the expert face masks and talking blogging, life and food with Em. I already had the acai mask but I ended up getting the charcoal and honey masks and got some exciting freebies as well. I am utterly addicted to The Body Shop and I'm so excited to see what their next launch will be!

What is your favourite type of face mask?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy


  1. I've just caught up on so many of your blogs! Love them. Love this one & your McDonald's one! Fab Dan!! Xx