Beating The Travel Bug

It's been such a long time since I've been on holiday, seriously I am talking years here and with all the gorgeous sunny weather we've had in Liverpool lately the travel bug has seriously hit me hard! With catching the travel bug, I have been super scatter brained as to where exactly I want to go. I currently have a list as long as my arm of places that I want to go with the top places being Lapland, Milan, Naples, Paris and Amsterdam. Pretty much all city breaks!

To help organise my travel mad brain, I've teamed up with John Lennon Airport to share their guides to make your travels a whole lot simpler. These guides have helped me narrow down flights, hotels and the must-see places I have to go to, it's also helped me decide which places to put to the top of my travel list.

Whilst at this current moment, I haven't got the money to drop on a holiday next month (thanks, car service and vet bills!), I've come up with a couple of ways to help beat the travel bug that are purse-friendly!

1 ~ Shop your wardrobe
Every time I have spoken to someone who's going on holiday, they always tell me how they need to buy more for their "holiday wardrobe" which definitely isn't purse-friendly. On my stay-cation, I love shopping my wardrobe and finding clothes that I haven't worn in a long time (I'm guilty of wearing the same things over and over again!). Dig through your wardrobe and find an outfit that makes you feel beautiful and city chic ready for your day of exploring.

2 ~ Treat yourself
If you are anything like me, you judge a place by its coffee, that doesn't include Starbucks! Before I go walking or exploring, I have to load up on a huge coffee to keep my energy levels up. Normally I bring my huge travel mug everywhere with my homemade Starbucks, but for a stay-cation, you have to treat yourself to your favourite local coffee shop. Liverpool is my favourite place to go for a stay-cation and at the moment my all time favourite coffee shop is Moose Coffee on Dale Street.

3 ~ Explore the architecture
Now that you've got your killer outfit and your favourite coffee in hand, it's time to go exploring! My favourite places to explore have got to be Liverpool and Chester, the architecture in both is stunning and completely unique to the city, p.s. they also make amazing backgrounds for outfit pictures! My all time favourite place is to go wandering along the waterfront in Liverpool, there is so much gorgeous architecture to take in. So you can get in some stunning blog photography on your stay-cation, cause what blogger doesn't take outfit pictures on holiday?!

4 ~ Picnic with the girls
Whilst everyone and their mother goes out to their favourite brunch/lunch spots when the sunny weather comes out, how many people use the gorgeous sunny weather to get the girls together for a picnic and bubbly. I really want to start doing this more this summer as it was so much fun when I did it last year. Get all your favourite girls to bring their favourite dishes, someone brings the bubbly and blankets and you can all put the world to rights whilst sunbathing and enjoying your favourite wine or cocktail.

Don't forget to check out John Lennon Airport for their city guides and make planning your new chic city break a complete breeze.

Where is your next holiday to?

Speak to you next time!
*This post was sponsored by John Lennon Airport. 
However, all views and opinions are 100% my own and honest.
Danielle Levy


  1. We need to go for a picnic! It would be so much fun and I'm pretty sure we know someone who won a HUGE picnic hamper at the last CarnLIVal!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. Definitely, we all need to arrange a picnic in Sefton Park whilst we've got the sunny weather! xx