6 Months As A Registered Nurse

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As I started writing this post, the scary thought dawned on me......I've been a registered nurse for over 6 months! How has that flew by so fast?!! I thought today would be quite apt to put this blog post up (it was originally scheduled for later in the month) but seen as it is Nurses Day in the UK today, I thought I would share it with you all.

I officially became a registered nurse on the 30th September 2016 and 3 days later, I began my training as a band 5 staff nurse! Now when I was a student nurse and people told me that being a newly qualified nurse would fly by, I always scoffed and thought I was gonna feel like a new nurse that didn't really know anything forever. Because even though we spend 3 years training to become a nurse, you never stop learning and whilst you might know it all in university when you qualify you start back down at the bottom again.

I feel very lucky to say when I qualified, I walked straight into my job in critical care. I say walked in......I was actually offered the job the April before I qualified! I remember back in October starting, being super nervous and everyone being really friendly, telling me not to worry and there are never any stupid questions!! Throughout my 6 months of being a registered nurse I have been involved in post-cardiac surgery arrests, helping a family cope with seeing their family arrest, helping wean patients from their ventilators and most importantly I have watched endless patients be well enough to leave critical care and carry on their journey to being discharged home with their families.

Sometimes as a nurse we can be looked upon as another part of a hospital, we are the people that are with you 24 hours a day, through the best and worst days of your life. In my first 6 months as a nurse, I have learnt so much. I've learnt how to organise my time to get everything accomplished for the day and get you fit enough to go back to the ward. I've learnt how to reassure your family who have been waiting for the hours your operation took, whilst I keep you stable post-op. I've learnt how keeping someone's spirits up and even a little drop of sunshine can make all the difference to someone who has been stuck inside for days to weeks.

A big tip I would give any newly qualified nurse is to not worry about sounding stupid. Believe me, you might think that you sound like an idiot asking that question, but that silly question you asked will keep you safe and most importantly keep your patients safe and no-one will ever call you silly or stupid for that!

Go show your love to a nurse today!

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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