Getting To Grips With GHD

Liverpool curls with GHD

GHD is a brand that has been talked about and popular for years, I remember back in high school when the big thing was who got a GHD straightener for Christmas and all of the popular girls had GHD straighteners and poker straight hair. Now back in high school I was barely getting into makeup and was the type of girl to run a brush through my hair and call it a day so I certainly didn't have GHD straighteners, in all honesty I don't actually remember when I got my first pair of hair straighteners! So when an email came through from the lovely Natalie to come to the counter in John Lewis Liverpool to test out some of their products, let's just say I jumped at the chance to come try them out.

GHD hair dryer, straighteners and hair care products

Before Natalie emailed I was completely unaware that you could actually buy GHD products in store (I genuinely thought it was an online only brand), let alone a counter with staff that can help you find the perfect products and show you how to use them! Back with the new millennium (if anyone even remembers that?!) came GHD with their first hair straightener, designed to give you a salon quality product and finish in the comfort of your own home! From that very first straightener they have gone from strength to strength and have now expanded to hairdryers, curling irons, and even hair care products!

Hair curling GHD Liverpool

Whilst I was there I mentioned to Natalie that I had never actually tried GHD before and she kindly offered to give my hair a style makeover and see if my hair could hold a GHD curl (if you don't know my hair is the thinnest of the thin and will not hold a curl unless it's a chopstick curl!). Natalie showed me how to curl my hair two ways, with their classic straighteners and with their creative curl curling iron. I am super impressed by the GHD hot tools and I've actually got my eye on a straightener as my current one badly needs upgrading (I honestly can't remember when I bought it!), so I'm planning to go in come payday and upgrade it.

Thank you so much to Natalie for inviting me down to try out the GHD products and thank you so much for the goodies you gave me, I can't wait to go back and upgrade my straighteners and truly treat myself! I strongly advise if you are in Liverpool, you take a trip into John Lewis and look for the lovely Natalie to get some gorgeous Liverpool curls whilst admiring the Mulberry bags right next door!

What's your thoughts on GHD?

Speak to you next time!
*I was invited down to GHD Liverpool to check out the product and get my hair styled using the tools for free. All views and opinions are 100% honest and my own.
Danielle Levy


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous! GHD's are amazing, a serious investment but they genuinely last a lifetime! I've had my FIRST set for over 11 years and they are still as good as new!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. I am definitely going back come payday to invest in a pair! It's amazing how long they last xx

  2. Wow can't believe you had never tried them before, I'm glad you have managed to have your first GHD experience. I have had a pair for about 10 years, which my dad has just had to fix. They have lasted well though. I did buy a new pair but had to send them back as they were no where near as good unfortunately. Still love my original pair though. Your hair looks fab curled. x

    1. I'm definitely going to invest at the end the month, I loved the styles you could get with them! Everyone I've talked to about them, rave about how long they actually last xx