What I Got For Christmas

I've always loved reading these types of blog posts/watching these types of videos as I am the type of person that I hate when it comes to gift giving. I am always the person that doesn't know what I want/I always end up buying something I want for myself, so these type of blog posts are actually really helpful for giving myself gift ideas for myself as well as gift ideas for the loved ones in my life!

I was really lucky this year and was given some amazing gifts from friends and family. I just want to leave a little note to say how incredibly grateful I have to everyone that took the time and effort to pick out a gift for me, I am so thankful for everything I have been given.

As you may know, at the end of this year I started my first post as a staff nurse and whilst I wasn't able to go to our staff night out, I joined in on our secret santa (which I've actually only participated in one secret santa before) we had originally set a £15 limit, however I think people may have gone over. My secret santa kindly got me a mini bottle of prosecco with chocolates, malteasers, a face mask and a Victoria Secret body spray. 

I love the presents Sam got me, this is the first year we've swapped presents as we only became really good friends about mid-way through the year. This year I managed to convert Sam to Erin Condren planners and the life of stickers, so for Christmas she gave me an etsy voucher which I appropriately used to buy stickers. She also treated me to some of the Primark liquid lipsticks, some fluffy socks and a light bulb shaped mason jar.

I got the chance to catch up with Danielle yesterday to get lunch, go shopping and swap Christmas presents. She kindly got this gorgeous Yankee Candle votive gift set and festive fluffy socks which I love and will be wearing all year round (I have cold feet okay?!).

My family were super kind this year and really spoilt me this year with all their lovely gifts. My mum kindly got me a new light up makeup mirror (my old one broke about 3 months ago), she also picked me up a Soap & Glory gift set, two pairs of my favourite jeans from George @ Asda, Giorgio Armani Si perfume, Andrew Barton blonde set, Maybelline nail polish set. My mum's partner was heavily influenced in what he got me for Christmas (he asked me was there anything in particular that I wanted!), he picked up the Real Techniques brush set that was an amazing deal on black friday. He also picked up 3 of the Bourjois matte liquid lipsticks which came with a free gift with purchase. I also forgot to take a picture of two other gifts that I was given, but my auntie kindly gave me a gorgeous silver bracelet and my little brother got me an amazing cookbook by Madeleine Shaw. 

I love all the presents that I was so kindly gifted this Christmas and it has taken some serious restraint to not use them until I had taken photos (first world blogger problems, right?!).

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy


  1. Oo what's the Armani Si perfume like Danielle? I've heard it's lovely!

    1. It's so good Jessi, it's scent is so unique! You need to go try out xxx