Showing Urban Decay Some Liverpool Love

Liverpool women and even a couple of amazing men are famous throughout the country for our makeup and fashion choices and with our makeup choices comes our love of Urban Decay, so it was only right that they opened a stand-alone store in the city centre! And I got a sneak peek at the new store at a recent VIP launch!

A couple of weeks ago whilst I was still being buried by Christmas presents and wrapping up against the chilly weather, I got the chance to pop along to the VIP event with Sam at their brand-spanking-new stand alone store which is perfectly positioned across the way from Starbucks which means you can shop all the stunning makeup till you drop then refuel with a delicious Starbucks!

After a short amount of time taking a million pictures and looking at the amazing decor, we met the amazing Jo who gave us a tour of the shop and showed us the wall of Urban Decay. Jo told us all about how Urban Decay was started in a world of traditionally girly, pink colours to add a bit of edge and colour that were direly needed in the beauty market in late 1990's. She also told us how all the makeup is tested by Wende and she actually tests the makeup by doing extreme sports whilst wearing the makeup, how amazing is that?! 

Inside the store is covered in gorgeous purple and silver decor with touches of traditional mixed in with all the modern touches (I am in love with their antique looking chairs!). Even though the store itself is quite a small shop, they have seriously made use to every inch of space and even with a ton of people inside it doesn't feel small or cramped. 

I personally love the makeup vanities that line the middle of the shop, they are just beautiful and you can even get a selection of complimentary looks that take between 2 to 11 mins. You can also have one of their bookable appointments, which Jo told me you can actually redeem the price of the treatment on products. She said she always recommends that if you are coming in for a new foundation or lipsticks, come and get your makeup done for the day and get the products you were wanting without any extra price! I love that they also offer a bookable appointment called the Makeup Virgin which is the perfect intro to makeup session for anyone who is just getting into makeup, just think what an amazing gift that would make for a teen in your life who is just getting into makeup?!

After the tour myself and Sam went over to look at foundations and Jo kindly offered to colour match me to their foundations. She was then so kind and ended up doing a full face of makeup for me, including glitter eyeliner and gorgeous lipstick. I am now being converted over to Urban Decay as I had never previously tried anything other than their eyeshadow palettes. I cannot wait to go back and get all the products she used on me!

Before we left we were kindly handed me a goody bag which included the Naked Basics palette, All Nighter makeup setting spray and Primer potion. I wanted to say a massive thank you to Urban Decay for letting me come along to their event. I had such a great time at the Urban Decay VIP event, the store is just amazing and the perfect addition to Liverpool One. I would definitely recommend you pop in the next time you're nearby, everyone inside is so lovely and super friendly!

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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