Time For Christmas Jumpers

The past two years I've gotten more into wearing Christmas jumpers and t-shirts. I'm not going to lie, this year I've decided to go all out with being festive this year, however I've decided I am going to start off being slightly Christmasy at the beginning of December to being full out festive as we get closer to Christmas! With that in mind I thought I would show you my jumper wishlist for this year.

Glitter Reindeer // Mr & Mrs Reindeer // Baa Humbug // Mr Gingerbread Man

Christmas Fairisle // Let It Snow // Christmas Scene // The Jolly Snowman

All of the jumpers above are super cute and I really want to buy all of them, however I don't know how many Christmas jumpers are socially acceptable to have! I think because I'm doing Vlogmas this year, I feel like I'm going to be WAY more festive than normal, mainly because I want to share a bit of Christmas love with everyone during December!

Do you go for subtly Christmas or full out garish Christmas?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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