My Favourite Christmas Films

It's not December without a Christmas movie marathon and I have fully been taking advantage of being able to watch all the Christmas movies I possibly can! I thought I would share with you all my favourite Christmas movies.

Love Actually
Now I'm 99% sure that everyone watches this every year and it just screams Christmas for me. I love that this film doesn't just follow the story of one person or one family, it actually features loads of different people's stories that actually intertwine into one another! It's definitely not Christmas until I've watched this film.

Again another one that it isn't Christmas until I've watched this one! Although I think this one originally came out as a children's film, I think it's watched by pretty much everyone as it's such a great, funny movie! Will Ferrell is also hilarious in this.....Six inch ribbon curls, SIX INCHES!! 

Muppet's Christmas Carol
It's not a Christmas films blog post without featuring The Christmas Carol, however I for some reason much prefer the Muppet's version over the original.....I mean come on it's got the muppet's playing all the different characters. I love Kermit's son as Tiny Tim.

Home Alone
This comes onto TV every year and I love being able to watch it as it's one of those Christmas films that's is so funny no matter how many times you watch it! My whole family sit down and watch it every year, it's become a little Christmas tradition for us. I actually kind of prefer the second one a little bit more which is actually set in New York to the first movie.

Christmas With The Kranks
This is such a funny family film, I love that it doesn't follow the traditional Christmas storyline and features a wife and husband who decide to get away for Christmas and skip the traditional Christmas they usually have.

The Grinch
This movie came out way back when I was 7 and I am not exaggerating when I say I have watched this film every single year since. I love the set design and costumes and I also love Jim Carey playing the grinch, he completely brings the role to life!

Four Christmases
I've loved any film with Reese Witherspoon in since I watched Legally Blonde, but a couple of Christmases ago, I discovered this film and just loved it. This one shows the true Christmas of a married couple, having to attend 4 Christmases at each of their parents houses, with all the charades that come along with seeing your families! It's such a hilarious Christmas film with plenty of famous faces for you to recognise.

What's your favourite Christmas film?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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