Last week I got the chance to attend CarnLIVal, a blogger event in Liverpool (get it?!) organised by the lovely Katy and Sam. I've been to the past two blogger events organised by these lovelies and each time they always put so much time and effort into organising the event and it really shows on the day!

The event was held in Magnet, which I'd only heard of through our blogger group chats (thanks girls!). If you didn't know Magnet is at the top of the town centre, just up the road from the famous bombed out church (that everyone and their mother knows in Liverpool!). Upstairs is a lovely bar area and downstairs has a fun dimly light bar with booths and fairy lights.

The whole event was themed around Carnivals (if you didn't guess by the title of this post), so Sam and Katy spent so much time creating carnival themed games that included tombolas, naughty and nice prize draw, raffle, guess the sweets in the jar, Christmas poem writing, and Christmas pub style quizzes. I even managed to win a bottle of this amazing glitter blueberry schnapps from Corky's.

The lovely Lex from Goodyfull also came along to speak to us all and introduce us to GoodyFull. This is such an amazing brand and I am completely in love with the idea behind it (I'm also super jealous of Alice for winning the raffle prize filled with all their amazing goodies!). In short Goodyfull allows you to order your favourite superfoods, as much and often as you want without any subscription. You just pay for exactly what you order and the shipping. So if you are like me and barely find enough time to grocery shop, let alone find my favourite superfoods at specialty stores, this is perfect for you as you can choose when you want deliveries and how much of your favourite superfood that you want to order so if you don't end up using all of your favourite cacao powder you can simply pause or delay it until a better time with NO additional cost!

I truly loved catching up with some of my favourite bloggers and having a day out getting into the Christmas spirit in Liverpool city centre. Massive thank you to Sam and Katy for organising such an amazing afternoon as always!

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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