Beauty Advent Calendars

We are officially mid-November, so that means it's totally acceptable to get into the Christmas spirit and start looking at advent calendars, right?! Over the past couple of years beauty advent calendars have been growing in popularity and nearly every brand seems to have released one for 2016, so here's my picks for this year! I've tried to separate them into different categories and I've also tried to put them in price order starting from cheapest to the most expensive.

For the tweens, Flutter have released a more age appropriate 'beauty' advent calendar. This super cute advent calendar is only £8 at the moment and a great alternative to a chocolate advent calendar for any tweens out there. Inside it contains a combination of eyeshadows, lip glosses, lip balms, and applicators, so it's perfect for the young teen in your life that's just beginning to branch out into makeup.

For the teens, Tanya Burr has recently released her advent calendar filled with all her products. She is probably the most recent Y0utuber to release beauty products, she has decided to include her most recent release the matte lip colour as well as lip glosses, nail polishes, glitters, and glitter eyeliners. This one is quite a sparkly advent calendar with a lot of products inside being quite heavy on the glitter front, so it would be perfect for any girly girls or those who would like some cheap and cheerful glitters for Christmas and New Years!

For the perfume lovers, Ghost have released a 12 days of Christmas calendar which is perfect if you don't want the traditional chocolate advent calendar but you don't really want a whole lot of beauty/skincare/bath products. It's worth noting with this one, it isn't a full 24/25 advent calendar, it has just 12 days. This does have a couple of their scented lipglosses and nail polishes thrown in amongst their perfumes. The calendar is currently going for £25, but you do get a full size 30ml bottle of their Girl Crush perfume which is worth £24 on it's own!

For the mums, this year Sanctuary have released a pamper style advent calendar which is the perfect treat for your mum this Christmas to show her just how much you appreciate her! Whilst there are a couple of filler gifts such as a binder clip and cookie cutter in this, it has loads of pamper goodies inside which means your mum can have a super nice pamper night in between all that crazy Christmas shopping! It's only £25 at the moment and is even included in the 3 for 2 promotion in Boots.

For the candle addicts, Yankee candle have returned this year with two amazing advent calendars for 2016. The tree style is £25 and their carousel style calendar is only £30. I love the idea behind this one, having a Christmasy smelling candle everyday for the whole of December would be amazing as you get a different scent to burn everyday. Inside each door, you will find either a tealight or votive candle in 7 of their festive scents!

For a high street pamper, L'Occtaine have released a calendar that screams Christmas and would look so beautiful sat out during December, one thing I have noticed this year is that not many of the beauty advent calendars scream Christmas (which I love) so I fell in love with the packaging for this one as it's just so beautifully decorated. The packaging of all the products inside look so luxurious and it's so reasonably priced at £42. Best of all for how reasonably priced the calendar is, there's no filler days which means you are seriously getting your money worth! Inside you get a combination of hand creams, bath products, and skincare products.

For the higher end treat, I think The Body shop were one of the first beauty advent calendars that I found out about when beauty advent calendars first came out and this year they certainly haven't disappointed this year! For 2016 they have released 3 different advent calendars of varying price points, from £60 to £99 with each being worth nearly double the price! My favourite is the 24 Happy Days Ultimate calendar because I love the red and gold as well as the products that are included. This calendar also comes with 25 days in each one which means you get an extra little gift at Christmas. Each advent calendar has slightly different things in but they all include makeup, skincare, body products and some of their new Christmas releases.

For the makeup addicts, I am in love with the Charlotte Tilbury World of Legendary Parties 12 day advent calendar. This is perfect for anyone who is completely addicted to makeup! I recently came across Charlotte Tilbury makeup and have fallen in love with the packaging and products. Now this calendar is only 12 days so you could choose to have a treat every other day to spread out the joy or do it for the first or last 12 days of December. It is also a lot pricer for the size of the calendar for £150 but you do get a full size lipstick, lip lustre, pocket pout, colour chameleon, and eyes to memerize. The other 6 products are travel sizes of their skincare products so you get a selection of everything to try out.

Which is your favourite advent calendar this year?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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