Things I love about autumn

Well Starbucks re-released their Pumpkin Spice Lattes and the rainy, cloudy weather has begun......I think we can officially say Autumn has well and truly arrived!! Let me tell you, I could not be happier.....major winter baby alert! Now I know that not everyone is as in love with autumn as me so I thought I would tell you all some of the reasons why I love (and maybe convert some of you into autumn/winter lovers)!

Weather ~ You can't beat the weather in autumn and winter, the crisp cool weather makes everything 100x better! There is nothing better than being able to be cuddled up inside whilst its raining or snowing outside. The only downside to the cold weather is the dark mornings and nights.

Movie nights ~ This kind of goes along with the last one but nothing is nicer than cuddling up with snuggly blankets watching movies whilst it's cold and dark outside! Hot chocolates, fires and friends are a must.

Candles ~ I love candles all year round but the autumn and winter scents that come out every year just kill it! I may or may not also buy enough to last me through the whole of spring and summer.

Leaves ~ Hello?! Have you seen how pretty autumn leaves are! It's so lovely walking through piles of beautifully coloured leaves all wrapped up in cosy scarves. It also makes everything look so pretty!

Pumpkin Spice Lattes ~ Need I say any more to this?! If you haven't tried a PSL, get your butt to Starbucks now!

Bubble Baths ~ Particularly with all the Christmas Lush bath products! It's so nice to come in when it's freezing cold and run a really hot bubble bath and just spend ages defrosting in the bath.

Holidays ~ Autumn has some of the best holidays, Halloween, bonfire night, thanksgiving (if you're American) and best of all Christmas is literally right around the corner! 

Pyjamas ~ Everyone knows that the best pj's come out in autumn winter, you can get so many super cute pjs at this time of the year! It's also perfect as well as you can wear actual pjs without feeling like you are going to completely overheat.

Decorations ~ What other seasons is it socially acceptable to literally decorate every single room in your house?! Halloween, Christmas decorations and fairy lights everywhere just make your house look so cosy!

Comfort food ~ It is completely acceptable to eat all the comfort food in the world once it hits October and the cold weather is in full swing. I know what you think of as comfort food is unique to you, but you can't beat mashed potatoes and gravy!

What's your favourite things about autumn/winter?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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