Getting Dream hands with Weleda

As a nurse my hands take such a beating on a daily basis from all the hand washing and hand sanitisers that I feel like my hands look and feel 10 years older than I am. So I was super exciting to try out the Weleda Skin Food to see if it could solve my rough, sore, worn out, old hands!

Let's put some things into perspective, I wash my hands or use hand sanitiser at least every 3o seconds, so you can imagine how sore and dry my hands are after a 12 hour shift! All that cleaning of your hands is ridiculously bad for your skin (as you can imagine), your skin can begin to crack and you can even get contact dermatitis. You can only begin to imagine how delightful my hands look after a couple of weeks on shift. 

To try and combat having such awful hands, I am CONSTANTLY trying out hand creams looking for the perfect one! There is nothing worse than putting a hand cream on and it either takes absolutely ages to soak into your skin or it feels like it just sits like a layer on top of your skin. What better to test than a hand cream from a brand that's been around for 90 years?!

Weleda is a brand that have been around since 1921 and whilst they also have a whole host of other products, they have become a world favourite as well as a favourite for models, make-up artists and celebrities for their Skin Food.

Skin Food is their magic wonder cream that everyone has fallen in love with, that is also eco friendly. This eco balm comes in a recyclable aluminium tube and contains organic plant extracts, plant oils and waxes. With chamomile flower to help heal gently and reduce inflammation, wild pansy to keep skin soft and supple, calendula flower for it's anti-bacterial properties and it's soothing and healing effects, and finally rosemary leaf extract for it's restorative and tonic properties. As well as having all these amazing extracts, it also contains sweet orange and lavandulae essential oils which gives it it's amazing fresh and uplifting scent.

To truly put Skin Food to the test, I decided to try it out whilst on shift cleaning my hands 20,000 times a day and whilst going about my normal everyday life on days off. The first thing I noticed (besides the gorgeous scent) was that it was that the cream was much thicker than most hand creams out there and even though it was thicker, it absorbed incredibly fast into my skin. In fact I've never had a hand cream absorb into my skin so fast that doesn't leave that greasy layer feeling on my skin after I've rubbed it in.

Normally I end up with little breaks in my skin (they almost look like little paper cuts) at the end of my shifts from washing and sanitising my hands so much over the course of the day. After a week of 8 hour shifts and using Skin Food several times a shift, I found my hands were softer, with no little mini paper cuts at all! I am seriously impressed by Skin Food and it's become an essential for me when I'm on shift, I may have also have been recommending it to everyone as every time I use it everyone comments on how amazing it smells! 

I would seriously recommend everyone trying this, especially if you wash your hands a lot or have particularly dry hands (especially in winter). It comes cheap as chips at £2.25 for 10mls, £6.95 for 30mls and £9.95 for 75mls.

Speak to you next time!
*Weleda kindly sent me a sample of their Skin Food for review purposes. All opinions and views are my own and 100% honest.
Danielle Levy

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