What blogging has taught me

I was thinking recently that I've been blogging for over 2 years now, so it was about time that I did a blog post about what blogging has taught me during the past two years. I'm hoping that the bloggers among us will completely understand these or for those who are new to blogging/want to start blogging, it could be some helpful hints and tips!

Be You
I cannot stress this one enough but unless you are planning to make a blog as an anonymous blogger like the lovely Sassy Bird (formally the Scouse Bird), be you! Don't feel that you need to write a certain way or write certain blog posts that other bigger, more popular bloggers have done to get seen and get out there. Of course you can take inspiration from someone else's blog or posts they've got (be sure to always credit if you take inspiration from someone else's blog posts!). People will like you for you, not because you are trying to be like someone else.

Get Organised
Now depending on how you choose to run your blog, whether you want a schedule (I aim to post twice a week, on Wednesday and Friday) or you post blog posts whenever you fancy/whenever the inspiration hits.....get organised. As a blogger on a schedule, I definitely find getting organised with a diary (paper or electronic, take your pick) helps tremendously as you can decide what blog posts you want to put up so that you can have photo taking/editing days where you can take all the photos you need for the next month or spend a day writing a bunch of blog posts for the month. 

Notebooks Everywhere
Don't say I didn't warn you with this one, but you will constantly be buying notebooks. I always try and keep one with me in case I suddenly get an idea of something I would like to feature on my blog. Bloggers also love making lists! I'm serious, ask the next blogger you meet! They are also super handy for using as blog props.

Blogging is NOT a Competition!
You are going to go on to twitter, blogs, youtube channels and see bloggers/vloggers who may have more followers, a bigger following or more opportunities. It is natural to be envious of them but don't make it a competition between your blog and other bigger, more popular bloggers. At the end of the day, they might have been doing it longer, they might be blogging about completely different things to you. STOP making it a competition and use the people you deemed more successful and bigger than you as inspiration and motivation to push your blog to the next level!

Don't Obsess Over Numbers
When you first start out it might feel like the numbers are the most important thing, it's not. The interaction is the important bit, the people that take the time to leave you a comment or send you a tweet are the most important bit. Yes it's useful to keep a track of your numbers (I keep track monthly in my planner). It may be exciting to see that you've had 200 people visit your blog in a day, but the select number of people that leave you a nice comment is what makes me the most excited.

Get Involved in Twitter
I used to have a beauty/lifestyle blog before I started this one and I must say this blog has turned out much better and more successful (in my opinion) because I utilised my social media. Get involved with twitter, join in chats and connect with fellow bloggers. I have made some of my closest friends this way, they also completely understand everything that comes along with being a blogger!

Heavily Invested
Whether you start your blog has a hobby or as a full time job, you will soon find out that you will put all your spare time into your blog! Weekends, days off, time after work, you will spend it taking pictures, drafting blog posts, editing, tweeting, replying to comments. 

Blogging Community
You will no doubt find this out within no time, but the blogging community is absolutely lovely and so supportive. I'm not going to lie, you may encounter some people who give bloggers a bad name but 90% of the blogging community are really lovely and will even give you advice and support if you ask them!

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy


  1. I'm with you on all of these! I don't really bother looking at the number anymore, I check in now and then but I don't let it define me as a blogger at all! I also have notebooks for notebooks and pretty much spend every available minute when I'm not in work doing something blog related!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. Haha I currently have at least 6 notebooks with nothing to put in them! XD xxx

  2. Love all these points. When I first started blogging, I had no idea it was a industry that people made money from.


    1. Thank you :) I was the same, I didn't realise that people got sent products as well. I thought they bought all of the products featured themselves! xxx