Lush Spa Liverpool Event

Last week I got a super exciting invite from.......Lush Liverpool! I was invited along with a bunch of lovely bloggers from the North West to check out their skincare, spa and the new Halloween products that were due to launch the next day!

I had no idea what to expect before hand as the sneaky people at Lush kept it secret with the invites! So in typical blogger fashion, we all talked beforehand and debated what the event could possibly be for. We all had our suspicions that it could be about the new Halloween products and possibly even the Christmas goodies! 

Now the 22nd ended up being my last ever day in university (I am no longer a student nurse or a university student), so I spend all morning till about 2pm there and then the Lush event wasn't until 7pm. So clever me decided that I should stay in town with my laptop, get lunch and work on my blog and youtube channel......that was a good idea until my bag got super heavy and I woke up the next morning with a pulled muscle in my back.

Before the event I met up with Holly, Sarah, Hollie, Sam, Katy and Sammy (to name a few!), in typical me fashion I was SUPER early to the event! As we walked in, we were welcomed, handed a bag filled with sample pots and a Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar and handed a special ticket for our group tours of the spa! What more could a girl want!!

I felt like a kid in a candy store wandering around a virtually empty Lush store, especially the Liverpool store as it is always so packed and so popular! Now as you know if you've ever been to Lush before, you know that they are generally really generous with samples. However being able to walk around, take pictures, smell everything and get a sample of anything you fancied was amazing. 

As we walked in, we spied two giant bowls filled with brightly coloured mush (if you can come up with a better word for what is in that bowl above, feel free to leave it below!) which was filled with everything we needed to make our own comforter bubble bars!! How cool is that?! We got to make our own bubble bars! Unfortunately we decided to redecorate our bathroom the day after I got this so I've been dying to have bubble bath with my own handmade comforter bubble bar!

I love the Lush skincare range, I've tried bits and pieces since I was introduced to Lush and absolutely love it! I end up with so much skincare that I'm stocked up for a while before I can get any more Lush skincare goodies but I love replacing my empties with their amazing skincare. I was super happy to pick up a bunch of skincare samples, including some cleansers, face masks and moisturiser.

Before I knew it I was doing a mad dash to buy some Halloween products before the tills closed whilst my group were heading upstairs for a tour of the spa. Lush have a handful of spa's dotted about across the UK that you can visit and let me tell you they are completely stunning to visit and look around, let alone have a treatment there!

We kindly got a tour of all the spa rooms (they're all themed differently and are all insanely beautiful!). I loved that for such a small area, it's so beautifully decorated and the themes of the different rooms are amazing........there's even a bath in one room! Most of their spa treatments can also be done as a double, meaning you can share the wonderful experience with someone (a great Christmas, birthday, mothers day present if you ever need one).

I had such an amazing time at the VIP event at Lush Liverpool and I cannot wait to try out all the goodies I picked up!

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy


  1. The spa looks amazing, looks like you were really able to get hands on with the products. No spa at Lush MK but I had a fab time checking out the Halloween and Xmas products :)


    1. It looks so good, I can't wait to go back for a treatment! Ooo I can't wait to check out the Christmas products when I'm next nearby xx