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As you may have seen the other month, the lovely people over at Gravitate Nutrition got in touch with the opportunity to try out their monthly weight loss supplement kits. Now I'm not the skinniest asparagus in the bunch and a current work in progress, so I was super excited to try out these kits to help me get over my weight loss plateau.

You may remember at Christmas I said that one of my new years resolutions was to loose some weight and tone up my body........well that didn't go exactly to plan, I got lazy and tired after very long days at placement so working out fell to the way side and eating healthy was kind of half there as I'm not going to lie sometimes I did skip dinner when I got home to shower and sleep (unhealthy I am fully aware and it was done very occasionally but in the spirit of being honest, I did do it!). 

You get the choice of a 14-day kit, 30-day kit, or 90-day kit, so depending on your goal you get complete choice over your kit and each kit comes with the DietVits, Supersculpt and a weight loss guide. The kits revolve around 4 areas that all help to promote safe, effective weight loss with no side effects or stimulants and all natural ingredients. The supplements work on appetite suppression, fat burning, carbohydrate blocking and metabolism boosting, all to help you loose weight. They have also been rated the number 1 weight loss supplement in the UK for 2016, so could they be any more perfect?!

So let's see the before and after pictures hey?!.........

Now I'm only going to say this nice, it takes a lot to put pictures like this on the internet.

So what's the verdict........?

I LOVED them! Plain and simple (que Hearsay music, anyone that knows them or that song gets 20 points!). Now it took me about 5 days of taking the supplements to get into a routine and then it just becomes part of your day.

Each day consisted of me taking 4 capsules with 2 glasses of water per tablet, all with food. Now I am AWFUL at swallowing tablets so the recommended 1-2 cups of water was really helpful as it also helped you get in your 8 glasses of water a day. It did take a bit of planning as each supersculpt needed to be taken between 15-60 minutes before you eat, which made things a bit difficult at work. As a nurse you take a break when you can get one so I just had to be as prepared as I could and sometimes take one as soon as I went on a break then wait 15 minutes then eat, I can honestly say they worked exactly the same as when I took them an hour before my meal. I also took my multivitamin with my breakfast to help get it out the way so I didn't forget it, however you can take it at any time of the day and it works just as good. P.s. can someone please make multivitamins taste nice!! Being completely honest, I didn't have a perfect diet and exercise routine during the 30 days and even with a not so perfect routine I still saw results which is amazing!

Overall I lost a stone in weight and over 5 inches from my waist, which was amazing!! I started to notice the difference after about a week when I put my nurse trousers on (which are tight even on the skinniest persons waist!) and they were looser than normal......and they continued to get looser!! I was so amazed because within the first day or two, I started to notice a reduction in my cravings and boredom eating, as well as a reduction in how much I eat because I began to feel fuller faster than normal which all helped me loose the weight and inches! The best part was I had no side effects at all the entire time I was taking them, which is just incredible because I was a bit dubious of getting any side effects to begin with. 

I would without a doubt recommend them to anyone, as they have given me amazing results with no side effects or stimulants whilst being 100% natural! This helped me so much with controlling cravings and boredom eating as well keeping me mindful of my portion sizes and how much I actually do eat! These are also great as a little boost when you feel like your weight loss has plateau'd.

Speak to you next time!
*Gravitate Nutrition sent me their kit for review, my opinions are 100% honest and my own.
Danielle Levy


  1. You look gorgeous hun! Before and after! I'm always weary of things like this but if they work for you then great! Sounds like a great kick starter for some more motivation when it comes to diet and exercise too!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. Thank you so much Sarah, I wish I saw myself that way more often! I'm normally very wary of things like these but when I found that they were 100% natural with no stimulants or side effects, it helped me not feel nervous or worried when I was taking them. Granted they are no long term solution but they really help when you feel like you have plateau'd or if you need a bit of kick start to your fitness xx

  2. You look great both before and after, but the difference is awesome! They seem like they'd be great for a bit of motivation at the beginning of a weight loss journey!